Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Storm

Saturday night when we while we were sitting on the couch, Jen asked me "Is it raining?"  It sounded like it, but neither of us were really motivated enough to get up and check.

As I half-woke up to nurse Sprout during night, I noticed the clock flashing.  We'd lost power.  Later the clock was off completely.  When I got out of bed in the morning, the power was still out.

There had been rain.  Freezing rain.  I've read that about a quarter million people in the city were without power.  Many are still without power.  Fortunately ours came back up Saturday evening.  Our apartment never got too terribly cold, but I was worried about the temperature dropping overnight.

More than anything I missed being able to boil water for tea.  Not having phones, computers, radio or television was sort of a nice (temporary) break.  I was slightly concerned about the contents of our refrigerator and freezer, but Jen was resourceful and packed ice and snow into bags and put them into the fridge to keep things cool.  She also spent a hour chipping ice off the car and came in with fingers a concerning purple colour.  Fortunately there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage.

We haven't put away our flashlights, lanterns or candles just yet.  We've decided we should keep more batteries on hand.  Our pantry was well-stocked enough that we probably could have gotten by for another day or two eating peanut butter crackers and cereal.

There's a lot of damage that the city still needs to deal with, and still a lot of people still waiting to get power back, but thankfully our little family is doing just fine.


  1. those are some stunning photos! Wow. What a smart idea to go out and get some snow to keep the food cold!!!

  2. It is very beautiful. We had no heat/power for 41 hours and weren't sure when it was coming back so we had to pack up Christmas and head to my parents. The Niagara region had the same storm but it melted right away and there is no ice here.

  3. Inconvenient but makes for some stunning photos! Oh and Happy Birthday to Sprout!!!!!