Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sprout is Ten Months Old!

Today Sprout is ten months old!

I could say it every month, but I just cannot believe how quickly the time is going by.  In two short months will have a one year old.  Unreal.

-Other than her hair getting longer and more unruly (hence the barrette) I feel like there hasn't been a big change in Sprout's growth.  I mean, I'm sure she's growing, but I think it's slowed down.  She's been in the same size disposables (4) for a long time now and I haven't had to do a big wardrobe switch-out for a while.
-There has been all kinds of other growth though.  This girl makes me laugh with all the new things she learns and how proud she is of herself to show them off.  She now waves "hi" and "bye bye" and will mimic a "moo" sound.  She's also figured out how to push the "lawnmower" (Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker) around all on her own.  Yup.  Walking.  I mean, she doesn't have the balance to do it all on her own, but it's coming.  Similarly she can ride the ride on bus toy that we have all on her own.  Impressive if I do say so myself.

-She got her first tooth on October 1st (bottom left incisor) and her second (bottom right incisor) on October 10th.  It looks like there are quite a few more on their way.

-She eats!  She still nurses (a lot) but she's just recently started having three meals a day and actually seems to be enjoying food.  She also really seems to enjoy feeding herself.  So messy.  But it's okay, we're happy to see her trying new things.  Greek yogurt mixed with fruit for breakfast, and usually a blended meat/protein and veggie for lunch and dinner.  Plus finger foods like puffs, yogurt drops, and bananas.

-Aside from the nursing she has grown VERY attached to her Mama.  While she will play very contently on her own, there are certainly times when she does not want me to be out of her sight line (and other times when she does not want to be out of my arms).  I've been doing laundry in the mornings and often will come back upstairs to find her whining by the door even though Jen and sometimes even The Bean are around.

-As an add on to the previous bullet, when she wants to be somewhere, or more accurately with someone she makes the cutest little crawling bee line right to them.  This is most often witnessed when she "chases" us into The Bean's room when we go to get him out of bed in the morning.

-She loves, loves, loves playing with her brother.  Balls have also been a big toy this month.

-Bathtime is a lot of fun.  She loves to splash.  Unfortunately she doesn't seem to have the same love for splashing in swim class.  I enrolled us in the next session, but am sort of regretting that decision.  She almost always fusses a little bit, sometimes even cries and almost never smiles.  I'm disappointed that she doesn't like it more, but I think we'll just drop it after this next session and wait until she's older.

-She also likes to splash in the cat's water dish. She usually waits until I have my back turned and than does her previously mentioned speed-crawl over to grab the bowl.

-She seems to be outgrowing chairs, bouncer and jumpers.  I think she rather have the mobility.  I'll still stick her in the doorway Jolly Jumper when I have to do something, like prep dinner but usually isn't happy going in and wants out after ten minutes or so.  Though it was certainly easier to be able to have her happily confined, I won't be sad to get rid of some more of the space hoarding baby gear.

-We've gotten into a fairly consistent routine.  Up between 6-7am nap around 9am, awake by 11am, nap again around 2pm awake by 4pm and then into the bedroom by 6:30pm.  (The times vary slightly day to day and she almost ever naps the full two hours.  More often than not I go in to settle her back down after 45 minutes and then get another half our or so out of her.)  Good nights she's down before 7:30pm, other times it's not until after 8:00pm.  She still gets nursed and then rocked/bounced to sleep.

-Weekdays she has been napping in the nursery.  It's going well.  Nighttime and weekends she's in our room on account of the brother.

I'll leave you with one more photo, because even though it's blurry (they all seemed to be this month.  I guess being sick has effected my ability to take a focused photograph), the chubby little hands on the even chubbier little knees just kills me.


  1. She is absolutely adorable! I love hearing about the things she does and accomplishes, because I know Evie is just about a month away from that. When our girls are 2+, that month difference won't matter at all. It's just amazing how quickly they change in a short period of time.

    Happy 10 months, baby girl!

  2. omg she's such a happy little meatball! that hands on knees pic is too much!

    i feel like sprout was just born. how has almost a year passed already!?