Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Knox's Pumpkin Farm

This post is a few days late, but better late than never...

On Saturday we headed out for our third annual visit to Knox's Pumpkin Farm.  This year our friends Ashleigh and Jenn and their twin girls, Teagan and Quinn (from 2moms2dogs2babies) joined us.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day.  It was sunny and warm.  You never know what to expect here in October, and we definitely lucked out.

We arrived just as the farm was opening, which meant it wasn't overly crowded.  The kids found the ponies right away and decided that they wanted to take a ride.  It was a first for all three of them.  Jen grabbed the camera and managed to get some shots of all three kiddos on their pony rides.

After the ponies we headed over to the tractor to see the pumpkin patch.  We ended up just making a loop, as Mamas and Mommies weren't terribly keen about actually picking pumpkins out in the patch.  Lucky for us the kids were just as happy to watch the big tractor wheels and wave at everyone we passed along the way.

Following that the kids climbed around on the hay bales and another big tractor.  There was a bit of competition over who got to "drive", but everyone got a chance.

It was getting close to lunch time by then so we tried to coral the kids towards the picnic table.  None of them wanted to stop playing, but eventually we made our way over and got everyone sitting down.  We shared our crackers, hummus and apples and Ashleigh and Jenn shared their pomegranate salad and curried chicken.  LOL.  You can tell which family contains the foodies. ;)

After lunch Quinn took off into the corn maze which was right in front of where we were sitting and the others followed her in.  We drew them out with promises of seeing animals in the barn. Sprout was getting hungry by this point, so she and I hung out while the others visited the cows, sheep and donkey.

We wrapped up the visit by letting the kids jump in a big pile of leaves, which was hard to tear them away from.  Both The Bean and Sprout conked out on the car ride home, so I'd say the morning was a success! :)


  1. Great post and pictures! We all had a blast! Love the last pic...looks like Sprout is telling the girls something super important :)

  2. Looks like fun! Glad you had nice weather. :)