Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Foto Friday Catch Up

I feel the need to explain not posting last week:  Every single time I was thinking about the challenge during the "clouds" week (last week) there was either a completely cloudless blue sky OR it was totally overcast and grey.

Anyway, I took this photo on Monday, which was a cloudy day.

By dinnertime the storm clouds had rolled in, but then, The Bean noticed this:

And for this week, some berries Sprout and I found on a walk around the neighbourhood.


  1. whoa, the rainbow is so cool! and I love the berries, what a perfect crisp fall photo! :)

  2. The berries is great!!! That rainbow is so pretty :) Good catch up!!!

  3. That shot of the berries is stunning! And that's quite a lovely rainbow. Well done!