Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two and a Half

I am sitting here trying to wrap my head around how exactly our baby is already two and a half.  One minute this...

and the next minute this...

Seriously, how does that even happen?

Two and a half feels a lot more like a kid than a baby.  The Bean is now a little person who has conversations and tries to convince you to join in on whatever "idea" he has (as in, "I have an idea!" complete with his pointer finger aimed towards the ceiling and his head cocked ever so slightly to the side), who runs and jumps and climbs, who has the sweetest giggle and give the best hugs.  

Jen and I have been noting all the totally amazing things that he's been doing lately, but it's 11:30pm and Sprout took over two hours to get settled earlier so I just don't have it in me to write them all out right now, but it's coming soon.  I promise.  Despite not going in to detail right now, I could not let this day go unrecognized.  It feels like a big deal to have a two and a half year old. 

1 comment:

  1. Awe, happy half birthday Bean!

    It's funny, I was just thinking about writing Ian's birthday letter and I read all the others I've written for the boys. The first one I wrote was fo Erik when he was 2.5. It is a big milestone.

    Looking forward to the full Bean update.