Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sprout is Seven Months Old!

Sprout is seven months old!

The past month has flown by.  It's amazing how quickly the time is going.  (You know, except for when it's one of those  l o n g  nights.)  Sprout is getting so big and really becoming more of a baby than an infant, if that makes any sense.

-No stats until her 9m check, but I am sure she's grown and probably put on a little weight too.  A lot of people have been commenting that she looks bigger.  I think the change was probably more noticeable to people here because we were in PA for ten days and they hadn't seen her.

-Her hair is also growing like crazy.  It definitely is auburn.  The red tones really come out in the sun.
-Her eyes are no longer blue, but haven't really settled on a colour yet.  I'm guessing they'll end up green or hazel.  I love how when she smiles her eyes arch, all smiley too.

-She continues to have a very pleasant disposition.  She is a happy baby and seems to enjoy being around people and interacting with them.  She loves, loves, loves her brother.  As soon as he even looks at her she lights up.

-It's going to sound like I'm contradicting myself with this one, but evenings have been HARD.  We got her on the Zantac for reflux, and after taking a few days to kick in it seemed to be working wonders.  But then towards the end of our trip she started projectile vomiting again.  The results from the ultrasound and x-rays we did just before we left came back clear.  The pediatrician has prescribed Prevacid, which is a stronger reflux medicine.  So hopefully that does the trick.

-Perhaps because of the reflux, perhaps because she is just not ready (though she seems SO interested) she will not eat solids.  To be fair, we really backed off even offering them when the vomiting got really bad, but even now that it's more under control she makes the sourest face whenever she's given something to eat and turns her head away.   I hope this changes soon.  At seven months I'm a little concerned.

-Breastfeeding is going well.  She nurses easily and often, though will hardly nurse if we're out anymore.  She still refuses to take a bottle.

-Also, sleep.  Overall she is a good sleeper.  It's been hard to get her down when her stomach is bothering her (once she vomits she is fine).  I've fallen into nursing her to sleep, which is something I had gotten away from, but then I was worried after she would throw up that she'd be hungry and it calmed her down and then we got on an eat-sleep-play routine rather than eat-play-sleep.  Anyway, it's something we need to work on.  She'd been moving towards two naps a day, but is now back to three.  She's up 3+ times a night to nurse (again I think solids might lead to a decrease in the frequency of wake-ups) but just lets out a little noise, eats, then falls back asleep easily.  

-She's gotten incredibly efficient at using her arms to pull herself around on her belly.  She'll get up on her knees and rock back and forth a bit every once in a while, or use them to launch herself forward, but has yet to really crawl.  She's also a pro at rolling around.  It's so funny when she sees something she wants because she makes a beeline for it!  Girl on a mission.

-She enjoys all kinds of toys, especially ones she can chew on.  She's able to pass things back and forth between her hands and bring them to her mouth no problem.  We're still inclined to believe she might be a lefty.

-She LOVES her Jumperoo.  Well, she loves bouncing in general, but at over 18lbs there's only so much of bouncing her my arms can manage. ;)  The Jumperoo is awesome though.  She happily bounces away in there, often while I steal a few minutes to do the dishes, or put away groceries or do something along those lines.

-She went "swimming" for the first time while we were away and really seemed to enjoy the water.  She sat happily and splashed around.  Assuming I don't get a job for September, I think we'll begin some baby swim classes.

This little girl is such a sweetheart and has really made our family complete.


  1. I think Prevacid is what Ian was on. It worked great for him and I hope it works for Sprout. Great update and she does look like she's getting bigger.

  2. She looks like big brother in that picture :)

    Just wait until she gets that crawling thing figured out, she is going to REALLY be a girl on a mission!