Wednesday, July 10, 2013


After being rescheduled twice, we finally got Sprout in to see the pediatrician yesterday afternoon.

It's only been two weeks since we were in for her six month check-up, and we had talked about her vomiting every 3-5 days then, as she had been doing for a few weeks at that point.  His advice was not to worry, and come back only if the frequency increased.  She vomited on thirteen of the subsequent fourteen days.

Anyway, we got all caught up on my concerns and the "what if's..." Thankfully the pediatrician assured me that I am not a nut for being feeling anxious about this, and though he suspects it is nothing serious, would rather be overly cautious than ignore something that might be an issue.

Though it is a bit unusual for symptoms to start presenting so late (usually they clear up as the infant gets older), reflux is the #1 suspicion at this point.  However, he also sent in a requisition for an x-ray and ultrasound at the local children's hospital to make sure there isn't something we're missing.  We leave for PA this weekend, and though I'd love to have some answers before that, it's unlikely that we'll get in for the ultrasound before our departure.  In the mean time we have a prescription for Zantac that I am going to go fill today.

I'm hoping that it is reflux, and believe it could be as Sprout had started doing longer nursing sessions a few weeks ago, but seems to have switched back to smaller and more frequent feedings over the past little bit.  We've also noted that most of the time she is vomiting right after nursing before bed, or she will be unsettled after nursing and then vomit and promptly fall asleep.

Last night was particularly brutal.  She didn't vomit (hurray!), but was fussing until about 3:30am when I finally reswaddled her and put her in her bouncy chair.  I'm exhausted by this, and I feel like she must be too.  She is napping in the bouncy chair now.

I, naturally, have been reading up on reflux and GERD trying to figure out what else we can do to help our dear little Sprout.  Chiropractic treatment and liquid calcium seem to rank highly as alternate therapies.  Does anyone out there have any experience with either of these as treatments for reflux?  Fortunately we have a chiropractor and naturopath that we really like, so we'll probably book appointments for as soon as we're back from our visit to the grandparent's, though I hope she's doing much better before then.

Thanks for everyone for their concern and reassurances on my last post about this.  You are all so kind.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated it.


  1. I am glad your pediatrician is taking some interest and being proactive with this - it will take some worry and stress off of your shoulders.

    Ive read, too, that chiropractors are great for reflux - but I have never tried one myself.

  2. Personally no, but my boss took her kids into Chiro for general colic and it did wonders. I hope it works for you too. Have fun in PA.

  3. As you know, I could have written this post. Same story, (same last night experience) different aged kid :/

    It IS totally normal to worry about this stuff. They are our babies after all :)

    Zantac has helped Boo a lot with the vomiting. Not so much the restlessness and general fussiness. But, we have to adjust the dosage it seems like every other week, because after a while it starts to wear off sooner and the last 2-3 hours before the next dose is agonizing for everyone. She is not old enough for Mylanta (although I have heard good things about it) and our pedi is taking us through the steps of treatment to see what can and will work. Some things we have and are willing to try and others we are not. I am getting ready to do a blog post about this very thing!

    Hope you have a wonderful time in PA and that Sprout is her happy baby self :)

  4. My daughter's best friend had reflux until he started to walk...It sorted itself out in time and got better with the amount of solid food he ate. So maybe babyled weaning would work for you...
    Do you have an osteopath? Maybe he/she can help, too...

  5. It does sound like maybe it's reflux, especially with the quick feedings you mentioned (more foremilk, less hindmilk...which will also increase gassiness). Our guy had reflux the first 9 months of his life. We used zantac and it was a lifesaver- completely changed everything for the better.

  6. Both of our boys had reflux and although they say it's supposed to peak at 4 months and then get better, Erik had it until at least 10 months old. Every time we'd try to take Erik off the medication before then the symptoms would return. Ian had it well past 4 months too. So I definitely think it could be reflux even if it is starting late. Maybe she's just had milder symptoms before now that didn't bother her as much (she doesn't seem like much of a complainer!) but now they're getting worse.

    With our kids, Erik vomited a lot but didn't show as much discomfort. Ian was the opposite, not as much vomit but he was very uncomfortable with it. They were on different medications. Erik was on something that had to be made at the pharmacy. Ian was on one that was a powder we just mixed with water in a dropper once a day. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was called but it helped. I don't think it was Zantac but might have been. I'll have to check back on my blog.

    I do think a chiropractor would help. Our chiropractor worked wonders for Ian when he was a baby. I'd give it a shot.

  7. No advice here but I just want to say that I'm glad you got a (well, sort of) answer. Reflux sucks, but it's a simple diagnosis that you can deal with. I hope it clears up soon or she outgrows it! Juju was a major spitter upper up until about 9 months, or even later I don't remember anymore! Being upright sitting/walking/etc. should help too.