Monday, June 10, 2013

Potty Training

Last summer I had ambitions of potty training The Bean.  We went out and bought a potty and he was actually pretty good about sitting on it and going pee when we encouraged him.  But honestly, it wasn't something we really committed to, so it never really went anywhere.

Then we got into the routine of having him use the potty before his bath.  He got really good at it, using either his potty or a seat on the big toilet most nights (or, some nights, insisting that he would just pee in the tub, a bit gross maybe, but not worth the fight).

When Sprout came along and our cloth diaper laundry doubled (and then some) we decided that it was time to start potty training in earnest.

In addition to the pre-bath time pee, we got The Bean going in the mornings and when he got home from daycare.  He didn't particularly like having his diaper changed, so telling him he could wear underwear for the  evening (or in the morning until it was time to leave for daycare) seemed to be a big incentive for him.

Then, one morning about two weeks ago he told me quite adamantly that he didn't want to put on a diaper before daycare, so I sent him in underwear.  I think his daycare provider was a little surprised, but his only accident that day was from bad aim.  The next morning Jen and I hemmed and hawed about what to do, but decided we might as well just stick with it.  So, The Bean is now officially potty training.

He wears underwear everyday except for at nap-time and overnight.  Most days he has an accident and he has yet to use the potty for a BM which is a little bit problematic as it most often means a big mess or he waits until he has a diaper on for his nap and then goes, which means he doesn't sleep.  (Any tips from BTDT folks?)  But he's getting better.  Occasionally he'll stop and tell us he has to go pee.  Otherwise he's gotten pretty good at waiting until we remind him (about every hour, up from every half-hour when we started).

We're pretty proud of our little guy.

As as cute as we thought his big fluffy bum was, really, this is pretty adorable too.


  1. There is nothing cuter than a little underwear clad bum! Way to go Bean!!!!

    As far as BMs go, it was the last that Little Monster mastered and took us a few weeks to get accident free in that category. We found that letting him pick out character underwear that he really liked (Mickey and Thomas) and then reminding him that "We do not want to poo on Thomas (or Mickey) so you need to tell us when you have to..." moved things along very well in that category. As did a sticker reward chart hanging in the bathroom near the potty.

    PS-Little Monster STILL insists on peeing in the tub sometimes. Maybe it is a boy thing?

  2. Look at those little man undies - so adorable!

    Can't say I've had the problem with BM's with my girls or my boys. My boys did potty train late though, and my youngest boy has just stopped having accidents in his pants and he is nearly 5. Further they both still wear a diaper at night...sigh...wish I had more advice.

  3. oh man do i love a tiny butt in some undies. boxer briefs! dying. so cute. alas, potty training is still a sparkle in our eyes... good luck!

  4. oh man, tiny undies on tiny bums are the cutest ever! Great picture.

  5. Hooray for little man! Good job Bean!

  6. I am sure you know where are potty training and we had cracked the wees weeks ago, and BM's are still almost always done in his pants.....I am not sure where to go from here.
    However this weekend we have had a wee regression and he has wet himself a lot :( He hadn't had a wee accident for literally weeks before this weekend.
    It's hard work, esp with boys... good luck!

  7. Way to go, Bean!

    As for previous posters, every child is different. Don't sweat it. My 6 year old wore pull-ups at night until she was 5 because she just slept through it all. My 4 year old son was potty trained easily by about 2.5 years old and never wet his diaper at night so he didn't need pull-ups. I imagine our 2 year old will take some time as he's non-verbal and it's hard to figure out if he's understanding the point of it all. In the end, they'll all be potty trained.

    I've heard from many that BM's can be tricky as they feel different and freak out some kids. My son refused to do them at daycare too so he'd hold them until the evening.