Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Finding Bluefield

This one is for mommies, not kids. :)

A few months ago I received an email asking whether I'd like to be sent a novel to review.  If you know me, you know I love reading, so I quickly replied back that I would definitely be interested.  The email outlined the story as being about two women who fall in love and start a family together.  Goodness knows there is not much good lesbian fiction out there, so I was appreciative to be on the receiving end of this offer.

I eagerly waited for the book to arrive.  It was coming from California, so I expected it might take a while.  After several weeks it arrived in a transparent plastic bag with a note from the USPS.  It'd been damaged while being processed.  Fortunately, though a little crunched up, it was still readable.

I made it through the first half on our drive up to Jen's parent's place last month and finished it on the drive home, all while trying to keep both a toddler and infant entertained.  That is to say, it was a quick read and relatively easy to put down and pick up again without getting mixed up on characters or plot points.

Without giving too much away, the book is about two women who meet, fall in love, and raise a child together.  It is set in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s and historical events are intertwined throughout the story.  I really enjoyed the ideas brought forward in this book; however I found that moments that had the greatest potential for plot and character development were cut short, often skipping a few years ahead leaving things unrealized or unresolved.  I would have enjoyed it more if some of the more significant and emotional events had been fleshed out.  As it stands, I would say it's worth checking out if given the opportunity.

If anyone is interested in reading it, I'm happy to pass along my copy.  Perhaps your opinions will differ from mine.  I'd like to read your review.  In the same vein, if you have a piece of lesbian fiction you'd like to recommend, please mention it in the comments.  Happy reading!


  1. Read the synopsis on Amazon. Bluefield is in WV, not Virginia and that would probably irk me to death if it is a main setting of the book, haha, I am particular like that.

    I really enjoyed the book Lessons. It helps that I know the author though ;)

    Here is the link if interested.

  2. I would love to read your copy of the book. I live in CA and it might just be cheaper for me to buy then have it shipped by you!

    Personally, I have always been a strong non fiction reader and was most certainly never into romance novels, but was introduced to Radclyffe and was hooked upon first read! I have read every single Radclyffe book to date and just love her! The reading is very easy and some have called it "cheesy", but I just love it. If anyone has not read Radclyffe, check out some of her many novels. Here are some favorites: Provincetown Series, A Matter of Trust, Passion's Bright Fury, Above all Honor, etc.

  3. Actually...I just purchased is on my kindle for only 99 cents. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Wow! That's an awesome price!

      I'll have to check out Radclyffe... I haven't heard of her before now. :)