Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Story, Part 5

We had been approved! 

Despite the earlier-than-anticipated approval, we decided to wait until the summer before having Jen move up.  That had been the original plan, and frankly we needed the time to prepare.  I had to find us a place to live.  Jen had to catalogue every single item she owned for the move across the border.

Eventually July rolled around and the U-Haul got packed up. Six and a half years after that first kiss we were finally really together.  No more Greyhound trips or 300 mile car rides.  No more long-distance phone calls or daily emails.  Together.  Finally.

Jen found a job and we settled into our new life.  Although happy as a couple, we knew we wanted to add to our famly.  Two years after Jen moved here we started the TTC process (and I started this blog).  After five IUIs Jen got pregnant with our son, The Bean, who was born January 11th, 2011.  When he was just over a year old we started TTC again and after two IUIs I conceived our daughter, Sprout, born December 24th, 2012. 

Our family is complete, but our story is far from over. 


  1. Awwwwww! I am so moved by this story. 6 and a half years apart! That's nuts. But, it's so nice to see you stronger for it an with two beautiful little ones to show for it! :)

  2. Aww. I'm glad the previous cliffhanger had a happy ending. Lots of twists and turns in your relationship. I'm glad they all worked out for the best. :)

  3. Yay! Great story. Thanks for sharing it. You and Jen went through a lot to get where you are.

  4. Have loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing! So glad it all worked out!

  5. Very cute. This story sounds familiar. :)

  6. It's been so lovely reading the installments of your story - and the cliffhangers have indeed been well placed for anticipation!

    You are such a lovely family :)


  7. *sigh* What a touching story! <3

  8. Such a wonderful story. Despite knowing most of it, I still had goosebumps reading :) You two are a very inspiring couple.

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    1. No problem! I think it was Shannon who suggested it earlier this month, I liked the idea. :)