Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the Horizon

So, there is a potential job opportunity on the horizon...

This past week I found a listing which I think I am very well suited for.  It's a position teaching Senior Kindergarten at a private school. 

For those new here, I taught Senior Kindergarten at a private school for five years (and Pre-Kindergarten for two years), before being laid off last year.  

I love teaching.  I love the creativity and enthusiasm of five year olds.  I enjoy the benefits that come from working in the private system and am usually happy to manage the added demands. 

However, the job starts in July and I feel so incredibly sad about the prospect of having to find care for our baby when she is only six months old.  I know how ridiculous that must sound to many readers who only get six weeks or so with their newborns, but I always expected to have a year with my baby.  When I got laid off I recognized that I would probably have to go to work when she was nine months old if I wanted a  job, as teachers are almost all hired for a September start-date.  I was prepared to leave her at nine months, if the opportunity presented itself.  I was not prepared to have to leave her at six months.  (I think this position starts in July because the SK program is new to the school and the job will likely involve setting up the classroom and planning the curriculum.)  The idea of leaving our little baby with someone who is not her parent makes my heart break a little bit.  Still, passing up a job that I will likely enjoy and that will provide us with the income we need to take care of our family would be foolish.    

I know I'm getting ahead of myself.  I don't even have an interview, much less a job offer, but I've been thinking about how it would all play out were I offered the position. 

There are a few other issues. 

It is a Christian school and I don't know how they would feel about having a gay teacher on staff.  Technically they can't discriminate, but it could still be uncomfortable.  I would have to think about whether I wanted to be "out" or whether I wanted to keep my personal life private, but I know myself and I know keeping things private would be difficult in a number of ways.  However, if I were out and they had an issue with it, they could just fail to renew my contract at the end of the school year (which could happen anyway).  

The location, although manageable, is also less than ideal.  I could take public transit, but it would be a horrible commute (easily over an hour each way), so we would potentially be looking at purchasing a second vehicle. 

I am still going to apply.  And I do hope that I am offered the job.  Right now the education system here is flooded with qualified teachers looking for jobs... so much so that I cannot even get an interview with the public board.  It would be foolish for me to pass up this opportunity.  Another position to which I am so well suited may not come up.  And, though I really struggle with the thought of leaving Sprout, I still think the pros outweigh the cons.  Still, I wish there weren't any cons to consider.


  1. Aww. Lots of sympathy coming from me! Mac is 18 months old and I have just made the decision to put him in daycare one day a week. And that was tough! It's so hard to hand your heart over to a stranger and expect them to care as much as you do! But daycare can be so great for kids too! Mac had his first day and loved it. I hope you can find a provider who loves your baby as much as you do!

  2. You're lucky they can't discriminate, although you're right about them being able to make it uncomfortable. My wife is a Catholic school teacher looking for a new job, but almost all of the Catholic schools in our area require teachers to sign a contract stating that they will not publicly live a life that contradicts the Catholic lifestyle. No same sex marriage, no babies out of wedlock, etc. It's tough. There's nothing open in the public schools because there are SO many teachers out of work as it is. She's really between a rock and a hard place. We're looking at starting a family soon, and we can't take any chances that she'd be fired out of the blue just because someone saw us walking down the street as a family.

  3. That's tough. It sounds like a great fit for you but that just sucks that you'd have to go back to work so early. I do get why you wouldn't want to pass this up and it seems like it's definitely something you should try for. It will be really hard to go back early but it sounds like it may be the best decision in the long run. Not that that makes it any easier.

    Stacey went back early with her mat leaves with Riley and Jackson, but I think the kids were a bit older, like maybe 8 months. She was in the same kind of situation, had to go when a job came up.

  4. It does sound like a wonderful opportunity, I imagine the choice is very hard. I know how extremely lucky we are that we have managed to afford me being SAHM with Little Monster for first 3 years of his life and we HOPE to do the same with baby on the way. But, we fully recognize it as a luxury (even if on some days it seems more like torture, haha). Based on the sound of the employment in education situation there, I think that you are making the right choice by at least applying. I am a firm believer in things happening when they are supposed to happen. Concerning the being "out," Kris did that initially (mostly due to the fact that she does work in an area where people CAN legally be let go based on their sexual orientation and that her boss is VERY conservative) and it was harder than she imagined, mainly because, well people are nosy and ask a lot of questions. She is out now and funny enough has become the "token gay" so to say and all her colleagues come to her when they have an LGBT question about a client....which can be kind of funny. Wishing you the best of luck with what is going to be best for YOUR family!

  5. Good luck on finding the job. I can only imagine how hard day care would be this early.

  6. Yes, yes I did. But I went back at 10 months for both kids. It worked out that every leave I've taken (3 now), I've had to find a new job. And every time I feel like, "Crap, I don't want to go back yet but I can't pass this up." And, in the end, it's worked out well. I'd say every leave is sad to end and I can understand how you would feel like 6 months is too young. I think 9 months would be easier as I found that mark to feel more natural with wanting to end leave.

    Anyway, it sounds like a great fit and worth applying to it anyway. As you said, the market is kind of crappy for teachers right now unfortunately. :( It might work out to be well worth getting that job earlier than planned.

    Christian is not the same as Catholic. In a lot of Christian churches, same-sex marriages, equality, etc. is recognized. Maybe you could find out what their beliefs are. For instance, the United and Unitarian churches support same-sex marriages 100% and there are many others. It could be that they involve religion in their school but they aren't condeming people like the Catholic schools. You could call and pretend you are looking at schools for your child. Just ask what their policy is on same-sex parents/marriage, gays, etc. Then you'll at least know and they won't know who you are.

  7. I empathise completely! You have to do what feels right. It is so hard to leave them when they are little. *hugs*

  8. That definitely sounds like a tough spot to be in. The job sounds like it would be awesome for you, but I understand going back to work and leaving the little one behind. I am fortunate enough to have a partner who stays home, so we haven't ran into any daycare issues. Good luck on your decision though! I'm sure you will make the one right for you! :)

  9. That's really tough. Even though we're in America with crappy parental leave, I understand how hard it is to leave a little one. Six months is not that old. We didn't put Goldie into regular care with others (other than a babysitter) until 10 months and even that was very hard. That said, I hope you get the job. It will be a hard transition, but I know you'll figure it all out.