Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Recap

This is likely going to end up being a very photo-heavy post.  I've been meaning to get to it for a while, but with a toddler and a newborn and more and more visitors making their way to our place (which has been wonderful) there hasn't been much spare time lately.  I'm going to hammer it out quickly before Sprout wakes up to nurse again.  


Since we were still in the hospital on the 25th, Christmas came to our place a little late this (last) year.  The good thing about The Bean being little still is that he really had no idea that we missed the 25th and was just as happy to celebrate on the 28th once we were all back home.  

We waited until Grandma and Grandpa came over to start any opening of gifts.  The Bean really didn't have any idea of what was going on prior, so again, it wasn't hard to keep him away from the presents... not until he had opened a few. ;)  

He started out the day having breakfast with Grandma.  

Once The Bean finished eating, we started opening gifts.  He had so many presents from us, Grandma and Grandpa, other relatives, and (of course) Santa.  What I found really nice is that after almost every present he would sit and play with it for a while.  That also gave us some time to open gifts in between his.  (We also got very spoiled.)

Note: Not everything got photographed, and even if it had been, there's no way anyone would want to see all his stuff, but he did get many very lovely and generous gifts.   

The Bean got a few new books.  This is a beautifully illustrated copy of The Night Before Christmas that Jen and I picked out for him.  Sprout didn't get many gifts, but she did get a copy of The Nutcraker that is also quite lovely.  I hope that the kids' keep these books and if they have children, are eventually able to read them to their kids.

The Bean LOVED his stocking.  It had three Folkmanis puppets in it that he had a lot of fun feeding his pretend food to.  That still seems to be his favourite thing to do with these puppets.  (He also likes it when they "bite" him.)

This sock-monkey-in-the-box was a big hit, but it didn't take him long to figure out how to push the little button on the top to get it to pop up, rather than having to wind the crank.

...real drums!  He got lots of smaller percussion instruments too, along with a harmonica that he got when my family celebrated Christmas together earlier in December.  He loves pulling them out now and playing along when we're listening to music in the evenings.  We had considered putting a ukelele on his wishlist, but for his age, I think the percussion instruments are more appropriate.

...a Thomas bridge, as well as Annie and Clarabel and a musical caboose (we got a laugh out of that one) for his new train table.

The curvy board.  It took him no time at all to start playing around with it.  :)

...and the train table!  We've had this for MONTHS and waiting until Christmas to give it to him was so challenging, but we're glad we did.  He loves it!  Right now the Lego side seems to be getting more use than the train side, so it's nice that it has both options.

A sweet classic book from Grandma and Grandpa.

Santa even brought a few things for Sprout.  :)

Christmas jammies.

Special "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments from my best friend and Sprout's Oma.  We didn't put them on the tree until after we brought her home.

This one was a little late, but my aunt brought over a new handknit hat for The Bean.  Isn't it cute?!

Tomorrow (hopefully) the birthday update!  Can you believe that our baby boy is going to be TWO?!


  1. awww. I love all of those gifts! my mom used to make a point of giving beautiful pass-me-down books, too. I still have them. =)

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, even if it was a little late.

  3. looks like you had a wonderful christmas!