Friday, November 16, 2012

Twenty-Two Months Old!

Today The Bean is twenty-two months old! 

Here's our happy boy this month! 

I've been a somewhat neglectful Mama and didn't keep track of things to note throughout this month, as I had been trying to make a habit of doing.  I'll see if I can remember a few things that have stood out. 

-Always social, we've really noticed The Bean starting to talk about specific people.  He's been requesting to talk to "'nita" on the phone, or to Skype grandma, or stop at "Nana's house" or go to the park and play with Maya.  He also talks about the kids at daycare a lot.  He really seems to like them, particularly the newest boy who's about a year older than him.  I believe there is a one-year old girl (a sibling) starting in December, so I'll be curious to see how he reacts to her.  He's going to lose his "baby" status there AND at home.  Poor guy. 

-Grandma came for a few weekends ago and The Bean was over the moon.  They play a lot of chase and did a lot of dancing.  I don't know where Grandma gets her energy.  I got tired just watching them!  He is going to be SO happy when they both come up for Sprout's birth and Christmas. 

-He continues to use his language skills to express what he wants.  Lately it's been listening to the fire truck song in the car.  Repeatedly.  As tedious as that can be, it is pretty adorable to hear him sing along in a deep voice like the guy on the CD. 

-It was really fun to celebrate Halloween with The Bean this year. He's becoming so much more aware of things and loved reading Halloween stories and pointing out pumpkins etc. on people's houses. It was also quite nice that he wasn't scared by any of it and that candy wasn't a main draw. (I don't know that he got any candy, though there were plenty of other kinds of treats.)

-After being gifted several trains for Halloween, they've become a new favourite toy.  "Boober", a Fraggle puppet from my brother and his fiancee, is also a favourite.  I think that has less to do with it being Boober and more to do with Mama chasing him with Boober and tickling him.  He's also taken an interest in doing puzzles with Mommy.  He really likes some the Melissa and Doug instrument one that make noise.

-On a related note, The Bean has been asked to be in his first wedding party --as the ring barer at my brother's wedding this March.  I think he'd be adorable, but we need to talk to my brother about their expectations, since he'll be just over two at that point and fairly unpredictable.  It's a kid-free wedding, and I'm a little wary. 

-No new favourite books this month, just a lot of repetition of old favourites.  He's also become selective about who reads to him at night.  Some nights it's Mama and some nights it's Mommy, but once his mind is made up, it's made up! 

-We have pretty much moved him up a pants size (to 18-24m pants).  Some are still pretty big on him, but as I mentioned last month the 12m ones were starting to look silly.  It's a good thing we cloth diaper or else I don't think the bigger size would stay up!   

-Though he is seeminly undestressed by it, we noticed The Bean having some sandy poos lately. For the past week we've taken him off almost all dairy/lactose to see if that helps. We'll give it another week or so and then maybe try taking wheat out if there's still been no change. I don't know what he'll eat then! (Lots of apple sauce is my guess.) I hope someday he forgives me for talking about his bowel movements on the internet.

That's about all I can come up with that's new this month.  I think after his second birthday(!) we're going to change to six month updates.  Keeping up with monthly updates for both kids will probably be a lot and I feel like the changes he's going through, though still significant, are more gradual now.   I can hardly believe in just two short months The Bean will be two years old.  Where does the time go?!


  1. Ian had the sandy stools for a while, too, and has been having ongoing bowel issues ever since. We still haven't got to the bottom of it but took him for food allergy testing the other day (it's all on my blog if you want to read about it.) We were surprised that it's not dairy at all, but he is reacting to wheat and soy (we'd suspected wheat too.) We had also taken him off dairy for about 6 weeks just before Easter and noticed no change, either while he was off or when we put him back on. Good luck figuring it out. It could just be that he was a bit constipated for some reason but hopefully it won't continue.

    I hope Ian forgives me someday too. I talk about his poop all the time!

    Erik was in a wedding when he was 3. We were also really worried, but he did fine. It's a good idea to make sure they don't expect perfection.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance re. the wedding.

      Also, cutting back (dramatically) on dairy seems to be working well so far, so hopefully it's just a lactose intolerance. I feel like that'd be a lot easier to manage than a gluten allergy.

  2. Such a good looking kid! I giggled over The Bean dictating who reads to him at night. Amazing when they start expressing their own thoughts and ideas, huh?

    Little Monster was a ringbearer when he was around 21 months old and he did fine....I am confident Bean will perform splendidly!