Monday, November 5, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 34(+2) Weeks Pregnant

Not much has changed between this week and last. 

I did manage to make it back to the original chiro and get adjusted again, but like last time, the relief was only temporary and I'll probably have to make another appointment for later this week.  I'm hoping that the rib and muscles are gradually getting back to where they ought to be.  The pain isn't nearly as bad as it was initially, so I'm taking that to be a good sign.

I've been trying to rest more, which seems to be helping with the Braxton Hicks.  They seem to have eased up in the evenings, but I have noticed that sometimes I seem to be having one when I wake up during the night. 

I've definitely noticed a change in my mobility the past few weeks.  Getting around/up/down is significantly more difficult than it used to be.  I'm trying to make sure that I'm still somewhat active (having The Bean helps!) since I don't want to end up feeling like an out of shape lump.  We have some prenatal yoga DVDs that I've been meaning to do, but I  never seem to get around to them.  I should try a little harder.  We've also had a lot of rain recently, but it seems to be have passed now, so I should make it more of a priority to get out for walks during the day.

The baby is still very active, but I can tell she has less space to move around now.  There have been fewer of the pokey quick movements and more of the big slow stretches.  She's still head-down and her bum seems to be staying to the left, with her feet and arms towards the right.  I'm VERY glad she doesn't seem to be up under my ribs. 

The hilight of this week, something I don't think I mentioned previously, was a party my sister and some friends threw to welcome the baby to our family.  We enjoyed having time to visit with family and friends and were very spoiled by everyone.  As we've felt so often, particularly since we announced we were expecting The Bean, we are so lucky to have such wonderful and supportive people in our lives. 

Though I feel as "ready" as I think I ever will for this baby to join us, it's still sort of overwhelming to think how things will change in just another six weeks!  I know things will be fine and (eventually) we will settle into a new routine, but it's going to be a big change! 

We took a photo today, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to upload it from the camera.  Right now my bed is calling...


  1. Soon you will have the Bean Sprout Combo. A big change, but as you said, a welcome one. Glad to hear your back/ribs are on the mend, hopefully your next appointment will help with that.

    Rest up.

  2. You're getting so close!!

    That's nice that they threw a party. We threw our own baby shower for Riley. Nice, right?

    1. It's too bad no one offered to throw you one!

      We went back and forth on whether to have one for Sprout since we were completley spoiled when The Bean was born. In the end my sister and a long-time friend convinced us to have one. It was very nice.

  3. Your poor rib :(

    That is exciting about your loved ones throwing you a special party to welcome the baby. We have already been asked several times about a "baby shower" but have yet to decide our thoughts on it.

    1. We were put under a good bit of pressure to have one. We ended up having a nice time, so I guess I'm glad we were convinced, though I do feel guilty about people giving us gifts.