Sunday, November 11, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 35 (+1) Weeks Pregnant

This was a quiet week.  My back still wan't feeling great and I mostly stayed home and didn't do much of anything aside from a little baking and cooking and a fair bit of napping.  By the end of the week I was feeling a bit stir crazy, but weekends are always busy and there are a few little things lined up for this week, so I expect that feeling will pass. 

Sprout continues to move around like crazy.  She seemed to shift from her usual left-lying position a few times this week, making me pretty uncomfortable, like she was trying to exit through the front of my stomach.  Things must be getting kind of cramped in there. 

I'm also starting to feel some pressure down low.  Not unbearable, but certainly not comfortable. 

We started setting stuff aside for our hospital bag this week.  We took SO MUCH to the hospital when The Bean was born.  I definitely think we'll be scaling back this time around.  Right now we have two sleepers and two outfits, plus a blanket, snowsuit and some diapers ready to pack up for Sprout.  This week I'll probably try to gather some toiletries and maybe some pajamas and warm socks for me and Jen, and make a list of other stuff we may want to pack closer to my due date.  I'm hoping we won't have to stay in the hospital long (we only stayed one night after The Bean was born, and he was born at almost 11pm) so we really shouldn't need much.  Things like books that are on the "what to bring to the hospital" lists were untouched, so this time we're trying to stick to essentials -clothing, toiletires, snacks and camera -is there anything we're missing?  

Just over a month until Sprout's arrival!  My FIL asked if I was anxious about the labour/delivery, and I'd have to say that I'm not really feeling too anxious about it at this point, just impatient! 

Here's the belly this week:


  1. just don't forget chap stick! bring so much chapstick. and then bring a spare tube.

  2. It was helpful to have my nursing pillow with me... and a hair tie... and yes, chapstick! We never put any of our babies in clothes until they were ready to come home (under 48h both times). The hospital will give you diapers, no?

  3. So funny, I was going to say chap stick too!

  4. Chapstick -noted!
    Hairties are a given for me and a nursing pillow is also noted!

    Assuming things are the same as when we had The Bean, the hospital give SOME diapers, but after the first half dozen or so charges for them... unless you're sneaky and just take them. We have lots of NB diapers though, so we'll just throw a few in our bag.

  5. I also chime in on chapstickThe main things we "forgot" in our hospital bag was our nursing pillow (not that we actually forgot it but that we overlooked it sitting next to our bag on the way to the hospital and luckily the inlaws brought it when they came) and cash/coins for vending machines. Almost every where takes debit cards, except for hospital vending machines it seems...or I guess you could pack some snacks. Regular meals seem hard to come by in the hospital.

  6. You can reduce the pressure which is uncomfortable for you, just do a little walk daily, it reduces your pain.