Sunday, April 22, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at Six Weeks (+1) Pregnant

Okay guys.  I seriously did not know that I would feel this sick and tired.

What started out as unpleasant at the beginning of the week has gotten to the point of being practically unbearable.  I'd say my energy levels are about a 2/10 and nausea is about 7/10.  Friday night I slept over twelve hours, Saturday twelve, and even with a nap this afternoon I am exhausted.

I talked to my naturopath on Friday and she prescribed me some Nausea Ease which I feel isn't really helping.  I called off for tomorrow and am hoping I can get a last minute appointment with my doctor and maybe get some Diclectin.  I know it won't help with the tiredness, but maybe if one of the two issues are somewhat resolved I'll feel like I can cope.

Jen has been amazing through the past few days taking on all of the responsibility around the apartment and with The Bean.  I feel like an awful wife and mother.  Today I went to the grocery store because I felt I should be doing something to help.  (Also, we take turns doing the shop every week and this was my week, though Jen offered to go.)  It was an awful experience.  I managed to get the shop done but broke down in tears when I got home.

I don't know how I'm going to be able to manage at work.  I've told my two closest co-workers, but emphasized that I don't want anyone else to know, particularly my principal.  She indicated to me about a week ago that there was the possibility of an assistant position being available in one of the junior grades for the fall.  Though it'd be a pay cut and I'd rather be teaching, it'd be good to have full time employment and the guarantee of something to go back to after mat. leave.  The decreased responsibility may not be a bad thing either.  However, I'm sure if she finds out I'm pregnant the offer will go to someone else.

I also shared our news with my mom, brother and his girlfriend yesterday when they came over for a family visit (my sister, brother-in-law and the baby also were over).  They were all excited and congratulatory.  I think my mom was caught off-guard.  She got a little teary.  We'll probably tell the rest of the family after the first ultrasound.

We're still waiting to hear back from the midwives.  I've called two collectives in addition to the one that we were at for The Bean.  Hopefully one of them takes us.

Here's the bump picture for the week.  No weight gain (maybe even down a pound or two), but that's not really a surprise since I'm having difficulty eating anything.

Anyway, please forgive the lack of updates and comments on your blogs.  I'm not sure how much I'll be managing to get on here over the next few weeks.  I think between work, home and the course I'm taking (which I don't think I mentioned before) I just won't be up to it.  Any big news I'll try to let you know about though.  First ultrasound is a week tomorrow.


  1. no picture! =)

    In any case, sorry you're feeling so horrible... hopefully it will ease soon or your dr. can prescribe something that helps.

    Looking forward to the first ultrasound!

  2. Sorry you're feeling so icky. Be kind to yourself, rest up and do whatever you need to do to get through it :-)

  3. Oh how awful for you! I totally didn't get it that women felt this way because with Miles I didn't get any nausea, but this baby has been a totally different beast! I hope you start to feel better soon :-<

  4. So sorry you feel so awful. That's rough and it's harder when you have a little one to take care of. I hope the prescription helps. I'm sure if you're able to eat, you'll have energy. I mean, that's probably part of why you are so exhausted.

    That's great about the possible job for the fall!!

  5. I am so sorry you feel so ill :( I really hope that something gives soon and you can regain some of that well spent energy. Sounds like Jen is being an awesome supportive partner! Good luck with the ultrasound and job potential in fall.

  6. You poor thing :( As Bee Girl said, be kind to yourself and rest as much as you can :) I know that is easier said than done with a job and an active toddler running around. It sounds like Jen is being amazing (although there was never any doubt!). I can't wait to hear about your first u/s! Say hi to Rosy for us!