Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fifteen Months Old!

Today The Bean is fifteen months old!

-We certainly have an active toddler on our hands.  This past month he has learned to climb the ladder to the small slide at the park and go down it (mostly) on his own.  He has also learned to climb onto the sofa.  Our days of blocking off the dining area with the ottoman (to provide a safe haven for the cat and keep The Bean out of the litter box) may be limited. 

-The Bean is starting to talk more.  He has a few words that he uses on a regular basis --Mom, Mama, up, bubbles, yes (yesh!), and okay.  This past weekend he learned to say "Grandpa" which delighted grandpa to about the same extent as it aggravated Grandma (though she may have been hamming it up a bit). 

-He is now signing "eat", "more", "all done" and "bath".  There are some mixed messages, such as when he signs all done followed by more, which we have been taking to mean that he wants something different, but overall it's nice to be able to understand him more.  He was fussy out at the mall earlier this week and when I asked him what was wrong he signed eat.  SO helpful.  He

-Books continue to be a big hit.  I took him to the bookstore at the mall that I mentioned earlier, he walked over to the Dr. Seuss books, pulled "Go Dog, Go" off the shelf and clearly said "Go dog!"  Our child is a genius.  He's really been into the "Zoe" books lately. 

-His favourite toy recently has been the Fisher Price Teapot he got for Easter.  He loves the music it plays.  As with other music, he will dance when he hears it  --big steps on the spot and turns in circles.  Already a better dancer than his Mama. 

-Bubbles are also a favourite.  As are train tables.  We purchased one, but haven't put it together yet.  We're trying to decide where an appropriate place to set it up will be.  I think we need a bigger apartment.  (Have I told you about the play kitchen I saved from the garbage dump? Yeah.  It's awesome, but it's not small.) 

-We have a new bedtime routine.  We now eat a (quickly prepared) dinner as a family, then give The Bean a bath and some play time in his room, then put him down for bed around 7pm.  He's been falling asleep much more quickly than when we were putting him down around 6:00/6:30pm and things don't feel quite as rushed when we get home.  He also seems to be eating more and we thought it was time he started eating more "real food", though we often still supplement with leftover strained fruits and veggies.  He's also been getting up slightly later, which was one of the big motivations for pushing back bedtime.  4:30am is too early to start one's day. 

-Perhaps best of all, The Bean has started giving hugs and kisses upon request, and spontaneously too.  I love, love, LOVE it. 

He is such an awesome little guy.  Looking forward to everything the coming months have to bring... except maybe the word "no". ;) 


  1. Great update and adorable picture.

  2. When did you start signing to him? Did you remember to do it every day? I've been signing with the girls. I started at around 6 months but then stopped for a few months. I started again about 2 months ago and have been pretty good about signing 'eat' 'more' and 'all done.' I also sign 'milk' before I nurse them. Teagan definitely understands 'milk' because she will crawl to me when I sign at her. They seem to be understanding 'eat' and 'more' as well. They think that 'all done' is hilarious for some reason. I'm wondering when they'll start signing back!!

  3. He is just getting more and more handsome. Hooray for more sleep!

  4. lol at The Bean learning to say "no", I hope that's the last word in Kendall's vocabulary too!. Love the pic, he looks so big and that smile ahhhh so cute!

  5. I can't believe how big he's getting. Holding my sister's baby yesterday and thinking that just 15 months ago that was The Bean kind of threw me. (That and thinking that in just nine months we'll have a newborn ourselves!)

    @Ashleigh -We've only been doing the signing for a few months. We've used it more as a way for him to communicate with us, than for us to communicate with him. In the beginning and when we're trying to teach him new signs (like "play") we take his hands and help him do the sign.