Sunday, November 6, 2011


The Bean isn't walking on his own yet, but he does pretty well pushing his "lawnmower" (as we call it) around.  

Those of you with toddlers, what age did your child/ren start walking on their own?   I have a feeling we might have an early walker on our hands.   


P.S.  I just love the little look he gives me at the end.  Don't you? 


  1. How fun! Love the video. Looks like he'll be walking pretty soon. Walking is such a big and exciting milestone. Erik walked a few weeks before his first birthday. Ian was a few weeks after his first birthday, but he was taking several steps independently a few weeks before his birthday. Ian also walked before he crawled (Kim did when she was a baby too.)

  2. My daughter is 16 now (amazing how time flies), but she started walking when she was not quite 10 months old :-) And so beings a whole new chapter!!! Cheers!

  3. I've read that something like 90% of children walk within two weeks on either side of their first birthday. I have a feeling The Bean will be more like Bee Girl's daughter and walk sooner than that, but who knows, he may keep cruising for a while.

  4. aw, such a cute video!! very impressive! :) our twins, who were born the day before The Bean (though born at only 36 weeks) are just starting to pull up on their own and cruise along furniture. i haven't given them anything on wheels yet, but after watching that video, im tempted!!

    bird was an early walker, she was walking independently at 10.5 months. not sure that's a good thing or not, as it creates a whole new level of mobility!

  5. My friend's daughter is 8 months older than Erik and I remember when Erik was born, they came to visit and she was walking. I didn't really think anything of it at the time but it seems crazy to me now! My friend's husband said she was way too mobile way too soon. LOL.

  6. Very cute! Our boy was quick to crawl, quick to pull up, quick to cruise and even stand...but didn't walk until one week before he was 14 months. Funny kid. lol.