Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Post on 2moms2dogs2babies

Hey all,

I wanted to let you know that I have a guest blog post over at 2moms2dogs2babies on what it was/is like being a twin.  Please check it out and feel free to comment!

Jennifer on the left, me on the right.


  1. Great post. I didn't know you were a twin. My mom and uncle are twins and Kim was terrified that if I got pregnant we'd have twins. I also have very good friends who are identical twins but they have a different relationship than you and your sister - they're both single and they own a house together. They also work for the same employer, although at different locations. And they fight like crazy but I learned quickly to just stay out of their arguments because they're over as fast as they start. :)

  2. Hah! @Shannon, I learned to stay out of the way during fights too! (Although, to be fair, it doesn't happen much anymore.)

  3. Loved your post about twins. I'm always interested in ways to make things easier. My best friend is a twin (fraternal) she said the moment I found out I was having twins....PLEASE do not dress them the same. :)

    Any ways. Great to get to know you a little bit. and thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks KJ and the kids!

    I think allowing (or even encouraging) differences in twins is an important thing to do. We didn't dress similarly often and having interests and peer groups was a good thing for us. I didn't really get into it on my post, but I think my parents were pretty good about encouraging us to do things that were different when we were younger. I was a competitive gymnast for several years and my sister was a dancer (one of the reason we went to separate high schools is that she went to a performing arts school).

    I can't imagine having two sets of twins! I'm in awe.