Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Return of The Bean

Allison and I are pretty open online.  As you've seen, we post photos of The Bean on our blog, we upload additional photos to Facebook and Picasa so far-away relatives can see him.  I also upload short videos to YouTube so my parents can see him moving and grooving throughout the week.

Until our little guy was born we hadn't decided 100% on name.  Early on when he was still in my tummy, Allison called him The Bean and the nickname stuck (at the time, the pregnancy books said he was the size of a bean).  He's still a little guy, so I'd say the monicker is still accurate.

After he was born and we picked his name, we started using it on the blog, but this week we had a conversation and decided to go back to using The Bean.  As you can guess it's for privacy and security reasons.  I try not to be too paranoid about things like that, but let's face it, me not being paranoid would be somewhere between yellow and orange on the Homeland Security Advisory System.

So, as of today we are back to using The Bean.  I've gone through all of the old posts and replaced his name.  Apologies if my editing today messed up your feed reader - sometimes editing and re-publishing can do that. 

I hope you're all having a great week.  It's wonderful to see the sun shining more around here.

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