Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four Months Old!

Today The Bean is four months old!

Where did this past month go?!

The Bean seems to have had a growth spurt this month. I'm curious to get all his "stats" after his four month check-up on Friday.

-The Bean continues to be a social little guy. He still happily goes to anyone, but he is starting to show signs that he favours us. He adores his mommy and will smile at her and watch her walk around the apartment. He likes me too, but mommy is #1.

-He has become a real chatter box! It's hilarious when he gets going. He'll even have a "conversation" with pauses to let the other person talk.

-He loves lying on his playmat and batting at his toys, or sitting in his bouncy chair and playing with his toys. He'll reach out and grab for things, and often pull them into his mouth.

-We can now carry him facing forward in the Bjorn. He seems to enjoy looking around.

-He's really started moving this month. He can now turn from belly to back AND from back to belly! I don't think that it's intentional, but it is fairly consistent.

-As a result of all his movement, The Bean now has a ring around his head where his hair has been rubbed off. I've seen other babies with a little patch right in the back, but his goes from ear to ear. It'll grow back in eventually. I hope.

-The Bean got his SECOND haircut this past Sunday. It gets really long and wispy around his ears, so I trimmed that up as well as taking a little off in the back.

-He is now wearing all of his 0-3 month clothes and has even outgrown a few things. We have his 3-6 month stuff ready to go.

-Breastfeeding hurdles seem to be in the past and The Bean latches himself now. He still goes for around ten minutes at a time and not for those 30 or 45 minute marathon sessions that we've heard about. Maybe those are still to come?

-He got off of the overnight schedule he was on last month. We've had a couple of rough nights over the past few weeks and decided to start trying to put him on a wake-up/bedtime schedule. We're only a couple of days in so I can't really predict how it will go, but hopefully it helps.

We're enjoying watching this little baby grow. It happens so quickly, so it's nice to take this time to reflect on it.

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