Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the Bookshelf

Here are The Bean's bedtime books for this week:

Whistle for Willie
That's Not My Truck...
Chicka Chicka ABC
You Are My Sunshine
Baby Faces
The Gruffalo

That's Not My Truck and Farm (both touch and feel books) and Baby Faces were all big hits. They aren't long and managed to hold The Bean's attention. He LOVES looking a the Baby Faces book. I think we might end up getting another similar book since he seems to enjoy this one so much.

I liked You Are My Sunshine, because it's a song I sing to him often and the pictures are sweet.

Whistle for Willie and The Gruffalo didn't go over so well... while we enjoy the stories, they are too long for our boy when he is tired. Mommy didn't like Chicka Chicka ABC because the meaning of "boom boom" changes at the end. I'd have to say, there's not really much of a story line to begin with, but I still like the rhythm of it.

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