Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Already?

I cannot believe it is October. Tonight I'm sitting on the couch in my flannel pajamas and sheepskin slippers while the wind blows outside. Just a month ago we had air conditioners running.

I naively thought that with The Bean starting school in September that I'd suddenly have all sorts of free time to start  blogging more (among other things). Turns out things are still pretty busy with one kiddo at home... and I have a feeling that even if both of them were in school there'd be plenty to do to fill the days. 

So, a quick update on some of our going ons over the past month...

The start of September was still warm enough for a trip to the beach. This was definitely one of our favourite spots this summer. I have a feeling we'll be back again even more often next year. 

We took a very impromptu trip to Niagara falls when my friend called me and told me that she and her girlfriend were going to be coming in for a weekend trip. The kids were impressed with the size of the falls. Sprout's favourite part was taking the trolley up the incline. The Bean liked the arcade.

We spent a Saturday afternoon at the apple farm with my cousin and her son. Going apple picking has become an annual tradition for us. While we don't usually bring many apples home, we still enjoy going. The place that we go to has a ton of activities for kids, but this year they both said their favourite part was picking the apples.

After having two other local bloggers/friends recommend it, we decided to go Treetop Village. The Bean LOVED it. Sprout had a harder time navigating the ropes, but loved it just the same. I'm sure it helped that Mommy and Mama piggy backed her around a good bit.


We celebrated Jen's 40th birthday with her birthday treat of choice: donuts.

We went down to Harbourfront for Word on the Street. It's been a few years since we last went and Jen and I agreed that it was much harder to navigate with mobile children. Both kids got to pick out a book. The Bean selected a Magic Treehouse book and now I think we're going to be in the market for more of that series. We read it to him, but it is remarkable how well he is reading these days.  Sprout picked out a Little Golden Book called Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea. I had a copy when I was a child. She may or may not have been encouraged to pick this over the Disney Princess book. The kids convinced us to take them on a paddle boat ride while we were down there. Their identical smiles kill me.

Starting us into October, The Bean, Sprout and I all participated in the Terry Fox Run at The Bean's school this past Friday.  

Many more adventures to come, I am sure.  And hopefully a little bit more time to write about them. 


  1. I love how your post starts with bathing suits and ends with scarves! Hopefully the chilly temps are here to stay yet ;)

  2. I was going to do a wrap up summer post and then realized that, yes, it is OCTOBER ALREADY! Okay then, on with Autumn recaps we go.

    The picture of Bean and Sprout hugging at the apple orchard = SWOON! So sweet and he looks very preteen like in that shirt.

    Sprout's hair is ridiculously long and gorgeous in the feeding goat pic. Does she allow you to fix it and brush as much as needed for the most part? Boo has started fighting us a bit on her hair, but it is so fine that it is near impossible to do anything with other then pony tails or down in her face. We have yet to find a barrette that will stay in.

    Same over here with the 1 child at home still equates busy. I think I am doing more now than this past summer when both were home. That is a great looking donut birthday celebration. Good choice, Jen ;)

  3. Oh my! We love Magic Treehouse books.

    Also: do you find that having just your younger kid at home feels so strange? I sometimes find I can't figure out what to do with just one child at home. I've gotten so used to navigating more kids.