Saturday, June 13, 2015

Endings (and Beginnings)

It's closing in on midnight as I'm writing this, which is to say, I should be going to bed, but I'm feeling unsettled and thought coming here might help me  process things a bit.

The school year is wrapping up. The students are now finished and it's just paperwork and cleaning up the classroom. I had hoped to finish my report cards by tonight, but that's still a pretty far way off from happening. Oh, how I hate writing report cards. There's never enough space to say anything really significant so I agonize over what to include and how to phrase it. I wonder if the parents even notice. 

I was unable to make it to the closing ceremonies, which felt a bit odd. I said my goodbyes to the students the day before and also goodbyes and thank yous to the parents who I saw. Everyone was kind, saying what a wonderful year it had been and thanking me for the work I did with their children. 

I haven't said much about it, but things weren't going very well with my sister being here with the kids during the day and we now have another care provider. I wanted things to work out with my sister because: sister. But they just weren't. We were very lucky that we were able to find someone else on very short notice and just for this brief period as I wrap up work. It's been going well. The communication isn't the greatest as she is not a native English speaker, but the kids settled into the new routine without missing a beat and actually seem more settled now than they had been. I feel like they must have been picking up on the tension of the situation before. As a bonus, Jen and I might have a new person we can call on for evening babysitting.  

I am still feeling ambivalent about not having work lined up for the fall. I am, however, looking forward to the summer. Things have been piling up in neglected little piles all over the apartment. Mending. Photo albums (and baby books!) to complete. Enough tiny clothing and plastic toys to warrant a garage sale, though the thought of organizing one is a bit overwhelming at this point. And of course, time with the kids to look forward to. I have been compiling a large list of possible activities and outings. Summer Bucket List post is in the works. ;) 

As for tomorrow, I'm hoping to make it to the lake. I haven't been to the beach for ages, but I've been feeling a pull to go. I feel like I need grounding right now and walking on the sand, looking for pebbles washed smooth and listening to the waves just might do the trick. 


  1. Finding a reliable and trustworthy babysitter is so hard! I am glad that you and Jen seem to have found someone that the kids mesh well with. That is so important. For the kids and for the moms.

    I know that the job situation, or lack thereof, is not ideal, but I really think this upcoming year is going to be a nice break for you and a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your "last baby" least that is what I keep telling myself about the upcoming year.

    Woo hoo to Summer Bucket List!!! Get at it! I am so excited that you are joining in!

  2. I'm sorry for all of the mixed emotions and challenges around school and the babysitting situation. Amanda's right. Finding good babysitters is so hard. We have bee lucky to find one. We love going out at night knowing that our kids are happy and safe with someone at home.

    I'm excited to spend time with you guys this summer! Let's share some bucket list items ;)

  3. Maybe we can set up a playdate out this way. We can go by the lake and then play by the house and have pizza or something. :)

    I'm sorry about your work situation. Yay on finding a sitter you like and trust. Sorry it got tense with your sister.

  4. I find ending a commitment with a babysitter who's not quite working out to be as stressful as finding a babysitter who does work out! Glad you found a short term solution and can dive into summer now.