Monday, February 23, 2015

Night Weaning

So, it's been about a week since we decided in earnest to night wean Sprout.

This has been a long time coming. I know I've written many times about our difficulties with Sprout and (lack of) sleep.  Whenever it's gotten really bad we've been able to turn things around so that they're good enough to be acceptable.

Well, the other week, when she started waking at 4:30am to nurse and then wanted to be up for the day at 5am we decided it was time to try to do something about it (again).

Jen, wonderful wife and brave soul that she is took on the bulk of the responsibility.  We decided that when Sprout woke up at 4:30am to come into our room that she would take her back into the kids' room and put her back to bed, staying beside her in a sleeping bag on the floor to ensure that she stay in her bed.

We prepped Sprout that day, telling her several times before bed that she wouldn't be nursing again until the sun was up.  She seemed to understand.  She nursed as usual before going to bed.  She went down as usual.  At 4:30am she woke up and wandered crying "nurse, nurse" into our room.  Jen picked her up and took her back into her room.  Even with the sound machine on I could hear her crying.  It lasted about half an hour, but then she slept until 6:30am.  Not so bad.

The next two nights were even better.  She still woke up around the same time, but settled back to sleep more quickly and with fewer tears.  She slept a little later.

The following night we had a bit of a setback and she woke up around midnight.  I was discouraged, but Jen was a trouper and slept on the floor beside her bed for the remainder of the night.

Last night was better again.

And that's pretty of where we are now.  We'll see what the next week or two brings.  We bought a ridiculously overpriced clock that shows a sun image when the child can get out of bed.  We'll see if she buys into it.  And we still have to deal with The Bean who was taken to sleeping in a "nest" of blankets beside our bed when Sprout wakes up and disturbs his sleep, or you know, when he wakes up and decides to come over.

Sleeping five or six hours all in a row is pretty awesome.  I kinda' miss the cuddles though.


  1. Sounds like your strategy is working. I hope it gets even better this week, and becomes a non-issue soon. Good job mamas!

  2. Sleep training is trying. Good luck, it sounds like things are going well.

  3. I just don't know how people night wean without partners. Felix was so hard to night wean...for Corey! I was asleep with the sound machine on. Hope sleep keeps getting better for you.

  4. Hang in there gals! Sleep is worth it.

    Jen is incredible, she deserves a bottle of fine whiskey :)

  5. Good work! It sounds like Sprout is really 'getting' it now. I really wish I had someone to help me and take over the duties so I could get Evelyn night weaned. It really sucks to be the only one in this case because she will fight me tooth and nail for hours!

    Is it the sleep buddy you got? I have one of those and was thinking of using it, but there's no real point to until I get the night weaning taken care of!

    1. It's the GroClock. We aren't using it anymore, as the kids were just ignoring it and we didn't want them thinking that it was something to be ignored. We may reintroduce it when Sprout isn't getting up to nurse in the mornings... so in like 3 or 4 years. ;)