Friday, February 13, 2015

Long Weekend

In Ontario, this weekend is the "Family Day" long weekend.  Monday is Family Day which is a civic holiday.  As an added bonus, my school gave everyone today off as well.  Originally I was going to go in to school this afternoon to work on report cards, which are due Monday, but I'm a little further ahead that I thought I would be (?!) and The Bean is feverish (again) and my sister wanted to take her little guy to the doctor today, so I am actually taking today "off."

As I know I've mentioned, I'm only teaching half time now, but with added work from curriculum I'm working on it's more like 3/4 time. I do miss not having the full mornings with the kids, but I also am really enjoying the curriculum work. It's a lot, and without a lot of direction or feedback, but so far it seems to be going well. There are definitely times I feel a little lost or frustrated, but as things stand now I'm accepted the offer.

Aside from The Bean being in a two week cycle of sickness and Sprout continuing to give us challenges in the sleep department, things with the kids are good.

The Bean is such a kid these days. We registered him for kindergarten this week. Kindergarten! He is SO excited about it and keeps asking when it will be September. I am hopeful that he will love it, but anxious about class sizes and him not getting a ton of attention and stagnating academically or becoming disinterested. There were a bunch of questions they wanted parents to answer on the forms, and aside from writing, he's at least got a good start on all of the academic skills they inquired about. Which brings me to this: He's starting to read! I am beyond excited about this and so proud of him. He's known his letter sounds for a while and just this past week started to blend the sounds to read words. It's a little hit or miss but overall when he's focused and not too excited or distracted he's getting the CVC words. He's pretty proud of himself too and has been asking here and there if he can read me some early readers he got for Christmas.

And Sprout. Well, she's just something else. She is such a goofball. She's still a little chatterbox. Constantly toting around a "baby" (anything and everything is a baby to her -dolls, socks, soap). And these days super into dressing up. For the most part she just goes around and entertains herself, chattering away. She loves being held and read to, but she doesn't demand attention for the most part, just does her own thing. When she does want your attention, she can be a bit relentless about it ("Up Mama. Up. Up. Up.") but since it doesn't happen all the time, it's not as exhausting as it might be otherwise. She is also sweet beyond belief and gives hugs. Today when The Bean was lounging sick and feverish on the couch she crawled under the blanket beside him to give him snuggles and the two of them giggling together was just too much. I am so glad they have such a close relationship. I hope they keep that as they grow up.

As for Jen and I we have yet to really manage to carve out more "us" time. We did go to a concert last week, but we still need to try to get out on regular dates. No Valentine's Day plans (we never really celebrate it) but maybe we'll be able to go out for dinner in the next week or two. I thought I had someone who was interested/willing to babysit, but when I asked her availability around our anniversary she seemed to be too busy. We'll see what happens the next time I ask. We may have to look for someone else.

I expect the kids will be up from their naps very soon. But yay for tandem naps and actually having some time to post! :)


  1. Those two are so sweet together! It sounds like your work is busy, but fulfilling. I hope the little man gets well (and stays well) soon. It's so impressive that he's reading now. Chatterboxes are so entertaining! I hope that you and Jen get some good couple time in for yourselves.

  2. Kindergarten! Oh my!! And I love that Canada has a holiday to celebrate families. Quite the different tone from the message young families get here in the States. Ugh. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Kindergarten?!?!?! No way!!! Big kids go to Kindergarten. Not The Bean :(

    Boo makes EVERYTHING a baby as well. Yesterday she was walking around with a pair of shoes swaddled tightly and loving on them. Twin, maybe? Haha. These girls.

    Couples time? What is that? It is fast and fleeting around here. Here is to hoping that this summer will bring some extra sleep for, healthy kids, and Moms only time!

  4. He's starting to read! Oh my gosh that is AWE-some. He'll really love Kindgergarten, I'm sure. That's so exciting.