Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Bean!

Today was The Bean's birthday.  It was almost exactly four years ago that we welcomed this little person into our lives.  I'll never forget watching him be born, or our first night as a family of three --all of us squished into a hospital bed because there wasn't a spare bed for me and we couldn't bear to leave him in the bassinet beside us when he was so very new.  I was deeply in love with him from the very beginning.  Our baby.

Today was filled with cuddles and kisses. Yeses to most of his requests. Playing. Treats. Conversations with those who love him most, both near and far.

This morning, when I asked him how it felt to be four, he said it felt like his heart was full of love. I have no doubt that it is. It is filled with love from and for all the people in his life. He is loved and loving little boy.  

There is a four year post in the works. There are photos of this no longer baby or even toddler, but child. But they will wait.  Right now I'm going to go give the birthday boy an extra little kiss while he sleeps.