Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bringing Things Up to Date (Project 52 Catch Up, Part 849) +Reflection

Week 46

The Bean: Dressed up for "tablet time."
Sprout: Just playing.  (Forgive me for this one, I took no actual photos of her this week, only a quick photo on my phone to show off the cute dress that was passed along to us.)

Week 47

The Bean: Baker's helper.
Sprout: Cutting cookies.

Week 48

The Bean: Eyeing up the big guy.
Sprout: She's been good.

Week 49

The Bean: A boy.  A book.  A blanket.
Sprout: St. Nicolas visited.

Week 50

The Bean: Checking out the Christmas windows.
Sprout: Second birthday celebrations!

Week 51 

The Bean: Couch gymnastics.
Sprout: "Rudolph" nose.

Week 52

The Bean: Picking out books to bring to PA with us.
Sprout: Ice skating for the first time.  "Me zoom fast!"

Week 53

The Bean: Wood working with 'pa.
Sprout: Laying around with Mommy.

A year!  It's sort of hard to believe that a entire year has come and gone, though here are the photos to prove it.  This hasn't been the easiest project.  I've fallen behind more times than I care to admit.  I dropped my camera at the end of June and haven't been as dedicated since then as I haven't been happy with the focus I've been getting.  (I will get it fixed, I just haven't yet.)  Still, I am glad to have this record.  To have captured my children as they are at this point in time.  I'm not sure what this new year holds for us in any capacity, but I hope to be able to capture many more ordinary, special moments.  


  1. So many sweet moments :)

  2. You did it! I've loved following this project.

    1. Thanks Shannon. I certainly could have done better at times, but I am happy to have at least completed it. :)

  3. Dear me, those children are gorgeous. Bean doing a head stand on the couch = Our life. Daily. Lol

    1. I know, right?!
      And yes, living room gymnastics is a popular pass time around these parts.