Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Slowly But Surely (Project 52 Catch Up)

This'll be an incredibly photo-heavy post.  Not entirely caught up yet, but getting there.  Some of these feel like such a long time ago already.

Week 37

The Bean: In the playground with a stick.  This is serious business.
Sprout: Climbing and posing.

Week 38

The Bean: First shaved ice of the season.
Sprout: In the woods.

Week 39

The Bean: Busy building.
Sprout: Artist at work.

Week 40

The Bean: He wanted a jet pack.
Sprout: Doll baby.

Week 41

The Bean: Hauling water at the Brickworks.
Sprout: Fall hiking.

Week 42

The Bean: Picking the perfect pumpkin.
Sprout: Made it her mission to finish this apple.

Week 43

The Bean: The Bean and Merrylegs meet again.
Sprout: Enjoying her favourite food: hotdogs. 

Week 44 

The Bean: Decorating the pumpkin the day after Halloween.  Because some years are like that.
Sprout: Cutest kitty on the block.

Week 45

The Bean: Leaf pile giggles.
Sprout: Leaf thrower.


  1. You cannot be saving all this cuteness up and slapping us with it at one time. Sheesh, can only handle so much adorable!!!

    PS- What is the building set that the Bean is playing with in Week 39?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It's a Haba game called Nagelspiel (nail play, if my German serves). It's quite a nice little set with various shapes with small holes in them, little nails and the wooden hammer. I think we got it off Amazon. :)

      *corrected for spelling.