Monday, March 24, 2014

Sprout is Fifteen Months Old!

Today Sprout is Fifteen Months Old!

The past month has been a busy one, but a fun one.  Our little girl is ever so loving and cuddly, but also fiercely independent.  The more she's able to do on her own, the more she's been showing us this side of her personality.  I dare say I see a bit of myself in her.

-She is quite mobile now.  Walking wobbly, rarely crawling.  She "runs" when she is excited, most notably when Mommy and The Bean get home at the end of the day.  (Usually accompanied by shrieks of joy!)  She likes to jump, but has yet to get her feet off the ground.  But what I really need to mention here is the climbing.  This girl is a climber!  Beds, couch, chairs, ottoman, you name it, she climbs it.  Fearlessly, I might add.  We've had to move some furniture around, mostly so she won't climb onto the dining room table when I have my back turned.  I'm both excited and nervous to take her to the playground once the weather warms up.

-She has many, many words now some more established than others.  Hair, head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arms, hand, bum bum, poo, hat, shoe, boot, jacket, out, home, up, down, Mama, Mum Mum (what she calls Jen), The Bean's name and nickname, Aunt Jen (my sister), Mo (our cat), cat, dog, a variety of animal noises, cheese, nana (banana), water, ball, dance, and a few that I'm sure I'm forgetting.  Moreover she understands so much.  I find it so amazing.  I also wonder at how long she has understood so much, because just in the past few months she's been demonstrating understanding, but I'm sure she understood many things long before she could do this.  I'm not the only one who's impressed by this sort of thing, right?

-She has really been keen on going out lately.  If I ask her if she wants to go out she'll head straight over to the front hall to get her outdoor clothes on.  I have to be mindful not to say anything to her too long before I'm ready to go out because she's not very patient!  It'll be so nice once the weather warms up and it's not such an ordeal to get ready to go outside.

-Jen took her out for her first tricycle ride, and she seemed to enjoy it.  She also likes playing with balls, dancing, and climbing and sliding down the curvy board, climbing up and down stairs, helping me vacuum, and playing in the toy kitchen.

-She's pretty into colouring.  We set her up with paper and markers in the highchair and she goes to town.  We've also done finger painting this way, which she enjoyed, but the clean up is too much for me to make it a regular thing.  We have window crayons that she and The Bean have been having a blast colouring with too.  Other fine motor skills have included the ring stacker (though not in order) and the pop-up bugs where she has to work buttons/switches/turn knobs to make them jump up.  She's plays with the doctor's kit.

-She's a good helper. She likes to brush her teeth and hair (or other peoples!), try to dress herself and feed herself.  She wipes her hands, face and high chair tray if given a cloth.  She will vacuum with her toy vacuum along side me with our real vacuum.  She sort of gets tidying up and will often throw things (her diapers, for example) into the garbage when asked.

-And books.  The girl LOVES books.  She would happily pull every single book we have off the shelf and have me read them to her.  She has favourites --B is for Bear, Builder Goose, Goodnight Moon, and The More We Get Together stand out from this past month.  Her attention span isn't terribly long, so I tend to pick shorter stories for her, but boy, does she love being read to.  I love it when she walks over with a book and plunks herself down in my lap.

-One of my favourite times of day with her right now is when she wakes up from her nap.  She loves to roll around on the bed.  She's super silly and will sit up and then flop down and grin at me.  She thinks it's hilarious if I mimic her behaviour.  It's adorable.

-She's still big on nursing.  She nurses when she wakes up in the morning (recently around 4am) off and on until we get out of bed between 6 and 7am and before and after naps as well as before bed.  She's between one nap and two right now.  With The Bean home it was easier to have her just do an earlier afternoon nap and we've been sticking with that, even though she's super-tired by the time noon/nap time rolls around.  I dunno, I may try two naps again tomorrow and see how she does.  I'm a little up in the air over what's best for her right now.  

-Eating has been going well, but the past few weeks her teeth have really been bothering her so she's been a little fussier than usual about what foods she wants.  Mostly she just wants soft foods.  She did break a tooth (bottom right lateral incisor) on the 17th, but I can see that her molars are not too far off.  Poor babe.  One in particular looks awful --bumpy, blistered, and bruised.

-Sleep is pretty good.  I already mentioned that we're between one and two naps a day.  Bedtime takes a while, but she's usually asleep by 8pm.  Sometimes she wakes up a few times overnight, but is mostly good about putting herself back down.  "Morning" comes at about 4am, but we stay in bed a few hours longer than that.  (Thank goodness.)

I'm sure there are many, many more things I could say about this girl, but I'm going to stop here.  Hopefully I'll be able to talk about how much she loves playing outside next month's update... we're still in winter-mode here and all ready for some sunshine.  

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