Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter (Photo Heavy)

This is a long overdue post.  I intended on writing about our trip/holiday right after we got back, but I've started an online course and it seems nap times have been consumed by reading and writing for it.  But I miss this space so I'm trying to figure out a way to work it in too.   

Easter in PA was lovely, as I expected it to be.  The drive there was a little rough.  We left at The Bean's bedtime, hoping that he would sleep in the car, as he's done in the past.  Well, Sprout slept pretty much the whole way (with breaks so I could nurse her) but The Bean, on the other hand,  was up until after 10pm (close to three hours past his bedtime/our departure).  It was fine for the first little bit, but when he got tired and was asking me to take him out of his car seat, rock him, and eventually settling for me holding his hand, well, let's just say it was draining.  Of course, every time he did start to drop off, Sprout would begin making noise.  One of the times this happened, he said, "I know, Sprout.  I know."  I about died.  Even with that sweet moment, I'll push for a daytime departure next time.  (The drive home was MUCH easier.)  

He slept in on Friday morning and woke up excited to spend time with his Grandma and Grandpa.  Even though we live far from them we Skype with them every weekend and it makes a HUGE difference to The Bean's comfort level with them.  

Grandpa took him out the porch to swing, but that quickly turned into a walk to the pond out back.   (I followed them with the camera.)

I tease Jen about growing up in the country, while she firmly argues that it is a suburb.  Either way, it is so different from being in the city and I'm glad The Bean and Sprout will grow up having this place to visit.  There is something special about being away from the noise and lights.  About being able to go out and walk and be in nature.  It is a special place.  When growing up we spent time up north every summer and fall.  Even though that was much more "the country," where Jen is probably closer to the truth calling where her parents live the suburbs, it has a similar feeling to me.   

The Bean loved the geese at the pond, so Grandma had to take him back to feed them.  They went for a walk through along the wooded path and across the little stream.

Of course, Sprout was not forgotten.  She got a lot of hugs and snuggles from Grandpa and Grandma.  She also got to meet a bunch of friends and extended family for the first time, including her great-grandparents.  Everyone was pretty smitten with her.  (And everyone commented on how big she is!)  

Seeing as it was Easter, we did some Easter-related stuff.  This is the first year that The Bean has really understood what is going on in terms of holidays and it was a lot of fun to see him get excited about things.  On Saturday afternoon we coloured eggs with him.  They were supposed to be tye dye, but the tye dye didn't really work so they were just coloured eggs that he drew on with a marker.

The Easter Bunny came and hid the eggs that night.  The Bean had such fun finding them in the morning and was very excited about his Easter basket.  I would have been too!  Seriously, I think the Easter bunny has stepped up his game since I was kid.  The littles were spoiled with clothes, books, and lots of chocolate for The Bean.  (Mama and Mommy got some got some chocolate from the Easter Bunny too.  Mmm.)

It was a really nice weekend away and a lovely way to spend the holiday.  I hope that we're able to continue some of the traditions we are beginning next year and in the years to come.

Speaking of traditions, both The Bean and Sprout have bunny toys that they were given by friends shortly after their births.  I've taken a photo of The Bean with his every Easter, I'm hoping to do the same for Sprout.

I know this is extremely belated, but I hope everyone also enjoyed their holidays and is looking forward to the warmer months.  After another snowfall today, I know I am.


  1. Great pictures!

    I live in the burbs. That does look more like the country. ;)

  2. I'm so glad you guys had a good Easter! That picture of Bean and Grandma sitting on the log is so precious! Sprout is getting big big big!

  3. Adorable photos. It is great you have a 'suburb' in nature to take the kids. I grew up in BC, and miss being surrounded by nature all the time. (Calgary is a bit yellow) Happy belated Easter.

  4. Wow those pictures are so sweet. What happy times.

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous. You captured some great moments.

  6. That table with the lavender and the purple egg hiding there is so sweet! I want a table with just vases of lavender on it...what a fun post to read.