Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sick Week

The Bean is sick.  Rather, he is recovering now, but has been sick pretty much all week.  WebMD and the MedVisit doctor both indicated that he has/had hand, foot and mouth disease.  His hands were both splotchy red with little blisters, his feet were much better with only two or three blisters on each, and his mouth seems unaffected.  We've kept him home from daycare all week as it is contagious.  Apart from the splotches and blisters, he doesn't seem sick.  He's had a  lot of energy, good appetite and regular sleep schedule... all of which we're thankful for.

Jen and I traded off on staying home with him as it's not good for either of us to miss too much work.  Staying home alone with a sick (but not really sick) toddler is tiring!


There was a lot of playing and a lot of messes.  Duplo is a new fun toy for The Bean.  His playing with Duplo mostly involves dumping it onto the floor.  As my "Wordless Wednesday" indicated, books have become huge obsession around here.  We've always read to The Bean --usually three books every time we put him down and then randomly here and there.  In just the past few weeks he has started climbing up on the glider and pulling books off of his bookshelves.  We've actually had to move the books down to lower shelves for safety purposes and to keep him from driving us crazy with his whining to be lifted up once we clued in and started moving the ottoman up so he could not climb on the glider unsupervised.  There's been a lot of other playing too, but Duplo and books were the big ones this week.  Oh, and "chase". 

There were some shared meals, which were fun.  Lots of photos taken.  A little bit of baking, with the realization that it is okay to take the shortcut and use the electric beater when one only has a small window of time before the baby wakes up from his nap.

I was very grateful for family nearby that also bake... but rather than pumpkin bread, I was brought over macaroons.  YUM.   Warmer weather also made things nicer.  We were able to go out for a few walks.  I'm looking forward to the summer when The Bean and I will be able to go on lots of outings together. 

I spent a good deal of the days thinking about work and feeling anxious.  I am glad for a break from school for a few weeks, as it will allow me to focus on finding something new.  The biggest problem right now seems to be that there really isn't much out there.  The idea of going back to subbing after seven years of teaching feels like a failure to me.  At least there is that option though. 

I'm trying to focus on the positive.  I'm looking forward to spring.  I can feel it coming...


  1. Sorry he's been sick but glad he wasn't acting sick. We've had colds that never end here. It's never fun.

    I'm sure the job thing is stressful but don't think of yourself as a failure because you might have to sub again. The teaching market is hard. My friend has been a teacher for longer and is losing her position too. I have another friend who has never been able to get a full-time gig. It's just not easy out there. And any way you make money and teach is success to me. Take it from someone who has been outsourced many, many times. It's just not easy keeping a job sometimes and it has nothing to do with you or your abilities.

  2. It is so important to focus on the positive and I think you are doing a great job handling the stress which makes you an anti-failure in my book. I hope the Bean is feeling better!

  3. Stacey --it's an awful job market for teachers in Toronto right now. No sign of change any time soon either. It doesn't make me feel very optimistic. I don't think I would consider anyone else in my position a failure if they were unable to find another full-time position right away, but I have high expectations for myself.

    Amanda --thanks for the encouraging words. The Bean is slowly getting better.