Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fourteen Months Old!

The Bean is fourteen months old!

-From the moment he wakes up, The Bean is go, go go!  He walks, "runs," and climbs all.of.the.time. Okay, so maybe that's not entirely true.  He will sit and play with toys or look at books, but he is a VERY active child.

-Recently, we've had a bit of a setback at meal times.  The Bean has been refusing foods at times, slapping his tray and grabbing at the bowl/jar when we're trying to feed him and throwing his sippy cup onto the floor.  It can get quite trying.  We don't want to just offer him cheese, bread and his other favourites, as we want him to have a varied diet and also realize he has to eat what is offered (for the most part --when it's obvious that he does not like a food, we do not force him to eat it).  We're hoping that a lot of the difficultly we've been experience can be attributed to teething.

-The teeth keep on coming.  Early in his fourteenth month the upper right tooth one over from his eye tooth popped thorough and just this last Saturday we noticed the front molar on his bottom right had also come through.  

-The Bean has been wearing 12 month clothing.  The 9 month stuff is quite snug on him, though we still have some of the long sleeved onesies in his drawer --we just don't snap the crotch anymore.  Some of the stuff he's in now is 12-18 months.  Though it still all looks tiny coming out of the dryer, it's remarkable how much he has grown.

-Books have been the biggest "toy" this month.  He LOVES them.  As I think I mentioned before, he will now bring us books, sit on our lap, and take our hand and place the book into it, literally making us read them to him.  If we say a popular phrase from some of his favorite books, he will go to his bookshelf and pick the book over and bring it to us now.

-No real changes in terms of words.  Jen has been teaching him to wipe his hands together to indicate "all done" at meal times.  He seems to be picking it up.  Every once in a while he'll seem to say an entire phrase like, "Good boy!" or, "You did it!" but we've never been able to get him to repeat them.

-He is starting to assert himself more when he wants or doesn't want something. 

-He is good at playing on his own, but also loves interacting with other people.

-His daycare provider is constantly mentioning how much he loves being around his friends.  I think it's been a really good experience for him so far.

-As we mentioned before, The Bean was sick with hand, foot and mouth for about a week.  Jen and I took turns staying home with him.  It was nice to have the extra time, but we're both very glad he seems to have recovered.

We're having so much fun watching our baby grow into toddler-hood and look forward to seeing what the coming months have in store.

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