Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thirteen Months Old!

The Bean is thirteen months old!

-He is starting to walk.  It started off as I imagine it usually does, just a step here and a step there, but has now turned into five or more steps in a row with a clear intent of getting somewhere.  When he falls he usually gives up and crawls, but not always.

-He continues to be a good eater.  Crackers and hummus are a big hit.  As are mini-bagels.  To be honest, he seems to enjoy most things that are starchy or sweet, but he also eats good dose of veggies and yogurts and other things too.  He seems to be over his aversion to meat and usually gets it about two times a week now. 

-His bottom teeth beside his incisors did come in (first the left one, then the right) but he is still working on the eye teeth.  Really his gums are just a lumpy bumpy mess right now.  I'm doubtful that teething will ever end.  He hasn't been nearly as fussy as he was when the first few were coming through though, so that's a bonus. 

-The babbling is incessant.  Well, not really incessant, but there's definitely a lot of it.  It's super-cute when he chatters away on our drive home from his daycare.  Jen and I also swear that he's said a few words clear as day, but only once.  For example, "treat" when I was holding up a treat trying to get him to walk over to me and "mommy" when we were out and he saw Jen.  It's freaky.

-He loves, loves, LOVES his RadioFlyer tricycle.  We push him around the apartment in it and have taken it outside once.  I have a feeling it'll get a lot of mileage this spring and summer.

-He's become quite the little fishy.  It seems he's becoming increasingly comfortable in swim class.  It's true that he's always loved the water, but he'll now "float" on his back and "swim" underwater for increasing amounts of time, coming up with a big smile.

-He loves people, but is also happy to play on his own.  He's been keeping himself very busy cooking up a storm with his pots and pans and working on putting things in and out of various boxes and baskets. 

-He is still very happy at daycare.  Everyone there seems to love him.  The provider tells us almost daily that he is such a good baby.   We're so happy we found this place.  He is all smiles when we pick him up at the end of the day and and reaches for his provider when we are leaving. 

-He's mostly in his 12 month clothes now.  Pants are 6-12 months still, but tops are mostly 12.  I don't think I'll ever fully understand baby sizing as there are still the odd 3 month (!) tops in the mix.  Bizarre.

It feels less and less like we have a baby and more and more like we have a toddler these days.  It's wonderful to witness his emerging personality.  We really couldn't love this little guy any more than we do!


  1. The teething ends, I promise :)

  2. go bean! i love the little preview of where our bean is heading. (and i also love seeing another baby who looks like him, body-wise, if only as a reminder that he really is okay even if he doesn't look like most of the babies i see around.)