Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo Challenge 2012

After getting my new camera at the beginning of the month, I decided I'd give Insert Metaphor and An Offering of Love's 2012 Photography Project a try. 

January's theme was "you /self-portraits /home".  I didn't take any photos of myself, but I did walk around our place, trying to capture some of the things that make it feel like "home" to me... small treasures, books, art, warm light, cozy places. 





  1. I love the bird's-eye-view of your cozy little spots :)

  2. these are lovely!! looks like you're having fun (& success!) with the new camera :)

    i need to get mine up...

  3. Love your pictures! What a great project! I'm going to pass it on to Jenn. Since she has been getting more into photography, I think she might like this! :)