Friday, July 1, 2011

These Moments

I tried post a "this moment" photo last night. I got online, then dealt with connectivity issues for about 50 minutes, then just got so annoyed by the whole thing that I gave up and went to bed. The Bean had a horrendous night and was awake at about 3:30am. At 4:00am I got out of bed and stumbled over to the co-sleeper to check on him, but Jen had had the same idea so I got back into bed. At 4:30am or so she raised me from my stupor and asked me to please take him. So I went downstairs and paced, bounced, rocked, shushed... all to no avail. Mo (the cat) wandered by at about 5:30am smelling not so lovely. I took The Bean upstairs where Jen nursed him and he (finally) fell asleep. Then Jen came down and helped me clean cat poop off of the cat and most of the main floor of the house. NOT a lovely start to the day. I did however manage to make it outside about the time the sun was rising. I couldn't get a clear view, but I got this...

I suppose there could be worse ways to start the day.

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