Friday, July 22, 2011

Six Month Stats

The Bean had his six month well-check yesterday so we got all his newest stats.

He weighs 13 lbs. 8 oz., which means he's still below the 3rd percentile for his age, but his growth rate increased, so the doctor was pleased. 
He is 25.6 inches long, which is around the 16% percentile for his age.
His weight for height is also still below the 3rd percentile.
His head circumference is 16.7 in.  Which is about the 14th percentile for his age.

He is hitting all of his developmental milestones and seemed healthy in all respects so it was a good visit overall.  He didn't even cry when he got his immunizations!

We asked about sleep (because we're not getting a whole lot of it) and the doctor kind of wavered on his recommendations.  On a good night he'll nurse just a little before going down and then wake about every four hours to eat.  On a bad night he can be up every hour and a half.  I think at this age they're supposed to be able to go about 8 hours without eating, but because of his size we're reluctant to not feed him when he gets up and seems hungry.  First the doctor said we could let him cry it out, but then when we said he was actually eating and not just sucking and dozing back to sleep he said maybe he does need the calories.  I think if we could get him to give up one of his nighttime feeds so that we were only doing one middle of the night session and then going through until the morning we'd be okay.  Jen's only been offering one breast overnight and that seems to be going well.  Keeping daytime naps regular seems to help with the overnights too, but sometimes, like if we want to go out and do anything, that can be difficult.  I'm sure it'll all work out but right now we're pretty tired a lot of the time.  Any advice on this front is welcome!  :)

We just got back from an afternoon at the splash pad and The Bean is napping.  I am one tired mama so I think I may take a little snooze on the couch before he decides it's time to get up.

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