Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just thought I'd write a quick update. I am really tired right now, so it will be brief.

I have to say that The Bean's been a really good baby so far. There were some breastfeeding challenges in the beginning, but we got help and they seem to be getting better. He typically is sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time. Unfortunately, bedtime seems to be his fussiest time of day. Right now I have him strapped to me in the Moby. He loves being held, and the Moby has been excellent for keeping him cuddled in all nice and close while allowing me to do other things and not strain my back.

After a fantastic two and a half weeks off, I went back to work on Wednesday. Everyone there has been great, but I am definitely way more tired than I was before starting back. It makes sense; I'm still not getting a ton of sleep, and now my days are really busy again. I'm so glad Jen's parents are here to help out with the transition. They've been making and cleaning up dinners, cleaning around the apartment, helping with laundry, etc. They're awesome. I'm going to miss having them around when they go home on Friday.

Even though it's better than it was the first few nights, Jen still doesn't like breastfeeding. I can tell it's exhausting for her. I was really sad earlier today when she said she thought she'd enjoy the baby more if she didn't have to breastfeed him. I understood, but it still made me sad. I've been trying to do more of the other stuff... changing diapers, bathing him, taking him when he wakes up but doesn't need to be fed, etc. so that she can rest and also just enjoy him when he's not fussing, but I don't know that it's really helping. I wish there were something more I could do.

Today we went out and while we were out we picked up a mobile for him. He seems to like looking at it. Very cute.

I'll try to do a better update later. I think I'm going to go lie down on the couch with our little guy and see if I can nap for a while before he wakes up to eat again.

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  1. Joy! Joy! Joy! Well done, all of you! Ah, those sleepy days. EnJOY. Love Katie x