Friday, January 7, 2011

Coming Soon...

We had our second ultrasound appointment with the high-risk doctor on Wednesday morning and he made the recommendation that we induce early. Right now baby is still looking small but healthy and there don't seem to be any other issues. The doctor said he thought it would be prudent to induce after 38 weeks (which is considered full term) to avoid any of the complications that are often associated with IUGR. So, we go in on MONDAY. It's not exactly how we had envisioned things going, and I expect that the labour will be more difficult for Jen (especially as she really doesn't like needles/IVs), but after listening to the doctor and talking to our midwife, we feel like it's the best route to go.

Wish us luck.

The next time I post it will likely be with the birth announcement!


  1. Good luck to you ladies! Thanks for entering my giveaway. I'll be looking forward to your birth announcement :).

  2. PS I meant to say that I'm always excited to find blogs of "non-traditional" parents (as I'm a single mom blogger and don't fit into the prescribed mold). I'm happy to have learned of your blog.

  3. Thanks Jaimie! I'm glad I found your blog and I'm glad you found mine! Looking forward to reading more about you and your girls. :)