Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Age of Not Believing

Well, we made it seven years. This past weekend, over Easter, The Bean's skepticism and questioning couldn't be ignored any longer. Half of me wanted to be the one to tell him. To control that dissemination of information. The other half of me is glad that Jen did the explaining. It's a bit sad, knowing that he knows. Of course, once the truth about the Easter Bunny was out, Santa and the Tooth Fairy were quickly revealed. We have asked, and hope, that he preserves the secret... helping to create magic for the little ones who do still believe. The oldest in his grade and among his cousins. We'll see if he is up to the task. 

A letter from the Easter Bunny.


Best Easter photo of the two of them.
Note to self: Next year do sibling photos before the egg hunt.

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  1. Sorry if you get a comment from me twice, but I got an error message when I tried to comment last night.

    This is sad. But it's the right thing to tell them when they're clearly questioning. Mine haven't come out and asked and although I'm 99% sure neither of them believes in the Bunny this year, they haven't said anything. Ian's friend's mom told me that Ian and his friend had a conversation a while ago and decided Santa was real but not the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny, but he's never said that to us so far. Erik, despite being so logical, has been a huge believer in Santa magic and I think he's having a harder time letting that go (still seemed to believe this past year.) Ian has always been skeptical but not to the point where we've felt like we're lying to him or where we've felt like he's asking. I do think this past Christmas was very likely the last one for us too, and I'm okay with it. They're old enough that it's not too upsetting, although it is strange and sad to think it's behind us. :(