Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 2015 Photo Challenge, 1-8

Along with Little Monster(s) & Mommies and Two Lasses, a Baby Three Children, I am co-hosting a November photo challenge. For anyone who wants (needs) motivation to blog this month, here it is. Come join us!  (It's not too late to start!)

All you have to do is:
-take photos using the daily prompts.
-post them on your blog. (I plan to post weekly, because daily photos never mind daily blog posts aren't really that likely to happen.) 
-come back here and comment to let us know you're playing along. 

Here is my first installment:
November 1: Shadows
Not only were we out at the perfect time of day for casting shadows, I like how Sprout is following The Bean in this one.  She really is his little shadow.

November 2:  Routine
The first thing she says whenever we get anywhere is, "I'm hungry.  Did you bring a snack?"  So here she is, munching on chicken fingers at 9am.

November 3:  Music
Next week, perhaps?

November 4: Comfort
See above.

November 5: Words
Tickets for the zoo, courtesy of The Bean. 

November 6: Change
Jen says of all this needs an explanation. 
Since starting school we have seen a HUGE difference in The Bean's interest in "written work" (both drawing and writing). He insisted on bringing along some new notepads and pencil crayons on our nature walk and would sit down at various intervals to write his notes. Prior to this he was solely into the hiking and jumping and throwing of stones into the when we went on our nature walks. This is clearly very important work to him these days.

November 7: Animals

November 8: Sky

And here are the daily prompts for the entire month:

November 2015 Photo Challenge 
November 1: Shadows
November 2:  Routine
November 3:  Music
November 4: Comfort
November 5: Words
November 6: Change
November 7: Animals
November 8: Sky
November 9: Touch
November 10: Colour
November 11: Memories
November 12: Clothing
November 13: Rest
November 14: Friendship
November 15: Movement
November 16: Beauty
November 17: Creativity
November 18: Technology
November 19: Weather
November 20: Water
November 21: Family
November 22: Nature
November 23: Love
November 24: Kindness
November 25: Food
November 26: Tradition
November 27: Home
November 28: Holidays
November 29: Art
November 30: Warmth

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  1. Ohhhhhh the one of him jotting down notes and her walking behind him. So very cute!!!!