Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day (or, more accurately, Mothers' Day) is a day that Jen and I have mutually agreed upon not recognizing for the most part.  The Bean was old enough to understand that it was a special day for us and wished us each a happy day and gave us some extra hugs and kisses, but aside from that things were fairly routine. We took my mom out for brunch and then came home for naps, spring cleaning/organizing) and some outdoor play.

Both kids are fighting a nasty cold. The Bean got it first and we thought it was seasonal allergies, but since Sprout has since developed the same runny nose and wet cough, we're thinking sick. Still, since they're kids they've been fairly unphased by it. A bit more clingy. Maybe more irritable... but maybe that's just me. They've still be doing all their regular things, quite happy now that the weather is good enough to be spending a good chunk of the day outdoors. It makes me happy too. They've been mucking about in our front garden (dirt), running through the sprinkler, riding bikes and scooters and playing all sorts of games.

This may be the most  true-to-life photo I've been able to take of Sprout's eye and hair colour.

Things are still incredibly busy. Jen starts her new job tomorrow. I am excited for her. We still are unsure about what next year will bring for me and the kids.

I got two date nights this week.  Jen and I went to see Death Cab for Cutie on Thursday night. It was an awesome show. Their songs have the most beautiful lyrics. Then, on Friday, I took The Bean to see a long time favourite of his, Whitehorse (or, more specifically, Luke Doucet). A short story...

The Bean's favourite song by Luke Doucet is Long Haul driver. At barely three he could sing the entire thing and often requested it be played on a loop. So, when I saw Whitehorse was playing, I bought two tickets. Totally anticipating the show, he asked my sister to help make him a sign on Friday. It read: "Please play Long Haul Driver" and had a picture of a truck that he had drawn. Honestly, I was embarrassed by the sign and hoped that he would forget about it, but, of course, he didn't.  I told him he had to carry it was his responsibility so he dutifully carried it the entire way downtown, proudly holding it up as he marched towards the venue. I made him pause to take a photo with the sign for Massey Hall in the background. (I will try to get it off my phone and post it here.) As we were walking into the venue a lady stopped me and asked if she could take a photo of The Bean with his sign. I hesitated. She noticed and quickly explained, "I'm Luke's sister, Sarah. I'd love to show this to him." I agreed! She tried to make some chit-chat asking The Bean his name and how old he was. He answered, and then said, "Sorry, but we're in a big hurry to get inside and see Luke Doucet." Haha. So, we went, listened to the opener and then the Whitehorse set. The Bean was awesome and really enjoyed the performances. He was getting tired, but I told him if we left he wouldn't get to see Long Haul Driver (at that point hoping that they would play it and knowing that I would have a very disappointed little boy if they did not). They left the stage and I explained to him about the encore. After they came back out they played a song and then did a little bit of chatting. Then, Luke says, "Is [The Bean] still here?" I don't know that he registered what was happening, but I loudly shouted out "YEAH!" All eyes turned on us. Luke then went on to explain that his sister had taken a photo of a boy on the way in holding a sign requesting a song. A song that they haven't played live in nearly four years. He apologized in advance for any mistakes they might make, but said they were going to do their best to honor the request and then broke out into the opening riff. The Bean's eyes just lit up and he got the sweetest little smile on his face. He stood and and watched the entire song completely mesmerized. I wish that Luke could have seen his face. The Bean's day year was made.

LOL. Well, that was much longer than I intended and not really the point of this post, but I'm sure it's a story I will be asked to repeat many times as per The Bean's current habit of asking for us to tell him stories, so it doesn't hurt to have it all written out.

Anyway, wishing the mothers and mothers-to-be an especially special day.


  1. What a sweet story! How special to be named and to have his special song played as an encore!

  2. That story actually made me teary! I love that so much. I'm glad Luke did that for your sweet boy - definitely a highlight of his childhood thus far, I'm sure!

  3. I love everything about this story. Also, the Bean (and probably his moms) has such good taste in music! I can't stop listening to Whitehorse, and may even try and catch their show in NYC this month.

  4. That's so nice that he played the special song just for the Bean.

    The kids are growing so fast! We need to set up a playdate. :)

    We don't really do much for Mothers Day either.

  5. That is an AMAZING story!!! I loved the pic of him holding that awesome sign and yes you MUST post it here for all to see!

    Sprout is so gorgeous. Her eyes kill me. So innocent and yet so much mischief. Hmmm, I wonder if they remind me of someone else? ;)

    I spy a very cute boy in a green Hurley shirt! Hehehe!

    Ok, so any details on why you and Jen chose not to recognize Mother's Day? Just curious....