Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nap Time

This summer has been so busy.  Good, but busy.  

Most days we find ourselves going on an outing in the morning, then coming home for lunch and naps, and doing something closer to home in the afternoons.  

I usually spend nap time doing dishes, cleaning up the dining room, throwing in a load of laundry, straightening up toys, messing around online, etc.  When the kids wake up I'm exhausted.  So, today, rather than trying to fit it all in, I decided to take a little break.  Once all the lunch stuff was cleaned up I put on the kettle and took out my book.  And for 25 glorious minutes I snuggled in on the couch with a cup of my favourite tea, some almonds and cranberries to snack on, and I read.  A book written for adults.  

I even almost made it through a whole chapter.

I think I'm going to have to do it again.  Soon.  Maybe even tomorrow.  The laundry can wait.


  1. Lovely! I used to have a cup of tea and watch Birth Stories and fold laundry while Erik napped. Good memories, :)

  2. Good for you. I have so much mom guilt because it always seems like there is something to do. I too end up feeling exhausted by the time they wake. Today I'm going to follow your lead - tea and a book :)

  3. Excellent thinking. It is good to have a break.

  4. you bet the laundry can wait! Oh my, double nap definitely equals down time for mama. So glad you took that time!