Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

A lot of people have been asking me what we do for Mother's Day, and I feel kind of guilty admitting this, but Mother's Day is pretty much a non-event in our house.

When The Bean was in daycare he'd come home with cute crafts and cards x2, which I though was quite sweet. Now that both little ones are home with me, Jen and I agreed that doing something on behalf of the kids for each other seemed a little silly.  

I know some two-mom families who love making a big deal of the day.  And I get that.  Anyone in this situation had to overcome at least a few obstacles to become a mother.  And that's totally worth recognizing and celebrating.  I know other's who divi up Mother's Day and Father's Day, renaming them appropriately.  That's just not us.  

A day spent together, which is what we've got planned, is probably the way we would all prefer to celebrate.  Maybe we'll go to a park.  Maybe the kids will cooperate and I'll get a cute photo of them together, or even better, be able to get someone to take a cute photo of all four of us together.  Maybe I'll paint their hands and stamp them onto a little canvas, or at least a piece of construction paper, because I know next year those hand prints will seem impossibly small just like last year's and the year before's do.  Or maybe the kids will give us what we really, really want and sleep in until 8am.  (Yeah, right.)    

Whatever you're up to tomorrow, I hope all the mother's reading enjoy their special day.

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