Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Childhood Memories

Jen's parents' property backs onto a park.  It's small, but it's scenic and usually very quiet.  One of my favourite things to do while visiting has always been to walk down and make a loop around the pond there.   

Even though I grew up in the city, I've always loved being in nature.  Growing up, we'd go "up north" to cottage country twice a year.  Whether it was our summer or our fall visit, I would always pack a bathing suit so I could swim in the lake.  Aside from being in the water, my favourite thing about being up north would be going on walks through the woods with my dad.  I don't remember what we would talk about, but I remember the trees and the heavy smell of the air.  It was quiet and we were in no hurry to be anywhere.  Our walks are one of my favourite childhood memories.  
As the kids get older I think a lot about what they will remember of their childhoods.  About what I want them to remember.  

This past visit, like most others, I made sure that we went for a little walks out back to the pond.  


I hope that they remember what it's like to be in the quiet with tall trees all around.  


  1. Nothing like a walk in the woods to clear the mind and feed the soul. Rest assured, they are getting to the age where they will remember. Just as you do.

  2. We moved from the city to the somewhat country side. I have trees everywhere, and plus one in my front yard (awesome in the fall to rake up the leaves). I think its great for kids to know how to 'slow' down and enjoy the nature that all around them. Plus, who doesnt like being pulled in a sled !