Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nineteen Months Old!

Today The Bean is nineteen months old!

Our bouncing baby boy continues to keep us busy!
-He really is bouncing now.  It seems to be his newest dance move.  He's also into adding "splits" which mostly ends with him falling down on his bum.  Sometimes he'll say ouch, but he usually gets right back up and starts dancing some more.  He's taken to going over to the radio and saying "dance" so we'll turn it on for him.
-Always active, he has become very bold in his movements.  He has little hesitation on stairs, slides, and climbers.  We have to keep a close eye on him at the park. 
-We were seeing a real downward trend with his eating at mealtimes.  He was refusing food and even throwing it and his utensils from his chair.  Very frustrating.  So, we made a few changes.  He is only allowed to eat in his highcair now and we are trying to limit the number of snacks he is getting between meals.  It seems to be helping. 
-He is down to one nap per day.  At home he'll sleep for 2-3 hours, but at daycare it's usually only 1-2.  I wish he'd go longer there, but I'm sure the noise from the other children and their schedule make that difficult. 
-He is picking up on new words daily as well as starting to repeat some of the words that we say.  He chatters constantly.  "No!" seems to be a favourite word.  He can be very emphatic when using it, and sometimes he really means what he says, whereas other times it seems like a little bit of a joke. 
-He is also understanding SO MUCH.  He will follow multi-step directions.  It's amazing when we ask him to do something and he actually does it! 
-His picnic basket, teapot and baby stroller have been his favourite toys this month.  Unfortunately the baby stroller is showing some signs of wear as he decided he would like to sit in it.  It is clearly not designed to hold 20+lbs. 
We've been having a great summer with lots of extra time together.  We're lucky mommies to have this little boy in our lives. 

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  1. Ah, a true toddler is he, right down to the food pickiness ;-) Sounds like he's doing great. I love how he's looking down at his onesie.