Friday, May 11, 2012

Sixteen Months Old!

Today The Bean is sixteen months old!

-The Bean is our busy boy.  He has continued to enjoy learning to climb over any obstacles in his way.  A favourite this month has been climbing onto the ottoman and dancing.  A mama worries about him falling and hurting himself, which he surely will at some point, but it's a learning experience, right? 

-His language continues to develop.  He seems to have a very good understanding of things we say to him, but is a little slower to speak himself.  He has is handful of words, and has added a few new ones (ball, cat and apple sauce come to mind) but uses them here and there rather than with regularity.  He babbles incessantly, especially in the mornings, and certainly gets his message across when he has something he wants us to know!

-He was quite sick at the beginning of May and missed a full week of daycare while Jen and I took turns staying home from work.  That was rough.  We were very happy when he started acting more like himself again.  He seems to have a bit of a lingering cough, but maybe he's like his mommy and just has some seasonal allergies.  (Though I really hope not.)

-He is happiest outdoors and I am really looking forward to this warmer weather and spending time with him over the summer.  For now he requests that the balcony door stay open and runs in and out while playing.  We try to get him to the park often.  I wish we had a yard he could play in, but we don't and likely won't for a while so we make due with what we have. 

-He's really taken to playing with balls and cars and trucks.  The truck thing is interesting to me.  I wonder if it's something he's picked up from the other boys at daycare (there's only one girl) or if it's something all kids love so much.  Anyway, he's got a few that he zooms around.  He throws and kicks balls and we've picked him up a few different sized ones to play with since he seems to enjoy them so much. 

-Books are still a big hit as well.  Two Llama Llama board books have been a recent favourite addition to our library.  It's good for Mama and Mommy to have some new books in the mix.  We know repetition is good for his development, but not always so good for our sanity. ;) 

-He still eats well and sleeps well.  Homemade smoothies with yogurt and fruit are a favourite. Often  he'll do only one nap at daycare since they go on outings in the afternoons, but at home he usually does two naps (1-2 hours each) and about 12 hours overnight.  

He is such a joy.  We can't get enough of his big smile and belly laughs.  I have felt like a terrible mama being so sick and unable to interact with him as much as I would like to the past few weeks, but hopefully I start feeling better soon and we get in some quality time as a family of three before the next little one joins us.


  1. He is getting so big! Feel better soon, that's not easy

  2. He is so cute :) Hope you're feeling better soon, Mama!

  3. He is so gorgeous and getting TALL! I am with you on the appeal of cars and trucks....we offer mainly gender neutral toys and LM will go for trucks and cars every.time if given the choice. Personally, I think it has to do with the wheels and trying to figure out how they work. We have some analytical thinkers on our hands :)

  4. Yay, Bean! He looks and sounds fantastic!

    If you're ever in the neighborhood, it would be fun to get our Beans together -- sounds Ike they have a lot of shared interests.

    1. Not sure of your "neighbourhood" (NC?) but if we're ever traveling we'll have to do a shout out and see who's local to the area. :)

      Our Beans do seem to have a lot of similarities.