Saturday, May 1, 2010

Having a Baby: Priceless

One of the big questions we had when we began this process was how much it was going to cost. We have decent paying jobs and modest savings, but we needed to make some decisions about what we could afford. We didn’t want to go this route, but by way of example, IVF at $10,000+ an attempt would not be an option for us.

Here is a breakdown of the costs we have incurred:

One-time administration fee: $150
Sperm, eight samples (bulk price): $3800
Storage for three years: $675

Personal Profile, three: $20 USD each
Lifetime Photo series (2 photos): $25 USD

Psychiatrist visit (mandatory): $350*

Cycle Monitoring Fee: $40/cycle
Shipping: $105/cycle
IUI fee: $25/insemination

Acupuncture: $75/visit, 2 visits/insemination*

Progesterone: $75, $274.67*, $265.09*

Parking: ~$30/cycle
Home Pregnancy Tests: ~$10 each, 2 tests/insemination

Items that are starred (*) are covered, in part, by the supplemental insurance I have through work. Also, all the costs are not mandatory. We don't have to do cycle monitoring through the clinic, but feel it makes sense to do so. Likewise, the acupuncture is optional, but we've heard it can help and feel it's worthwhile. We don't have to order profiles or photos or take home pregnancy tests, but want to. And so on...

In total, I think after five attempts, it's cost about $8000, about $1500 of which has been reimbursed by supplemental insurance. Of course, with each attempt, the cost increases, but in the end it will all be more than worthwhile.

It reminds me of those MasterCard commercials.

Having a baby: Priceless.


  1. I am intrigued by the mandatory psych visit. Who required it?

  2. In the province we live in, it's manditory for anyone using donor sperm or eggs to meet with a psychologist to discuss related issues.

    Although both my wife and I didn't feel it was necessary, we did feel like it was a positive experience.

  3. Interesting. Very similar to ours, but out in BC, our shipping costs are about double yours. We didn't have to pay for monitoring, but our IUI costs were massive compared to your $25. Was it seriously $25 or are you missing a 0? ;) Ours were between $200-300.

    We also had to do the psych visit. I was really nervous about it, but we too thought it was a positive experience.

    1. I thought you were in Toronto! Please ignore any comments I've left on your blog that haven't made sense because of that assumption. :/

      IUI costs are covered by the provincial health care plan here. The $25 was really just for the catheter they used for the proceedure.

      I wonder if shipping is dependent on location... ?