Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hope Springs Eternal?

I am not so sure that "hopeful" is the right word to describe my outlook these days... maybe cautiously optimistic... maybe just too emotionally drained to imagine that things won't get better.

The spring was really no better than the winter. The worst of it being my Nana's death mid-May. I honestly expected that she would come home, at least for a little while, before things got worse. I think she knew she wouldn't. She was quite remarkable in how she handled things, doing her best to reassure everyone that she had made her peace with the situation, smiling when visitors came, even when she wasn't strong enough to speak. God, I miss her.

Jen headed up the kids' school's Fun Fair this year, which happened at the end of May. It was probably good to have the distraction. It was very successful and she got a ton positive feedback. A lot of work and worrying went into it though and it is not something she wants to do again.

I've also decided to step down as School Council Chair next year. I did a sub-par job this year and also feel like I need to prioritize things in my life a little better. I hope that someone else steps up. I'd be pretty heartbroken if no one else were willing to take on the role.

The Bug got super-sick at the end of the school year. First with strep, but then worse, with a serum-sickness like reaction to the medication she was on. We were at the doctor three times and the ER twice in the span of three days. During the first ER visit she also was diagnosed with pinworms... which meant pinworm treatment for the whole family and near-psychotic cleaning of our home. Super fun times.

And to top things off, this was all in the few weeks before we moved. Probably the easiest move possible, as far as moves go, as it was literally across the hall, but still busy and a bit chaotic and very stressful. Thank goodness for the help of our friends. It's been about a month now and aside from still having to put up some art I would say we are settled in. The kids are thrilled. They each have their own rooms now and got some say in the decor. The Bean wanted "jade green and blue", and The Bug, no surprise, requested pink. The space is noticeably larger, which I feel we needed. It also forced us to purge a ton... which we also needed.

The Bug's best friend and her family, who we adore, moved in to our old place across the hall two weeks later. I think it must be a six-year-old's dream come true. Admittedly, it also seems to be working out great for all us moms (they are also a two-mom family) to be able to help each other out as needed.

Aside from that the school year ended. Grades one and two are now done. Both kids did well on their report cards with marks going up from already good starting places. They both seem happy about their class assignments for next year, but even happier about having the summer off.

And summer, thankfully, is off to a good start. I feel like we are due some good days. We aren't too overscheduled and I'm trying to keep the pace somewhere between "lazy summer days" and "fun in the sun." The kids are old enough not to need constant entertaining, but I think we all still enjoy the opportunity to get out and do things that we wouldn't necessarily do during the school year. We have a week away scheduled for August and a camping trip with friends before school starts back up. Aside from that it will be basketball in the driveway, the neighbourhood garden market, trips to the pool and the park and anywhere we happen to have a membership to.

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